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Colts Training Camp starts in 3 weeks

Get. Excited. Already.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Colts are scheduled to arrive at Anderson University on July 23rd for the start of the team's 2014 Training Camp. That is precisely three weeks from now. From today. FROM THIS SECOND!

Josh and I have already started our training camp battles series (first article is here), and we're wrapping up the 2014 Pressure Players series.

If you couldn't tell, training camp is MY FAVORITE time of the football year. Yes, I'm strange that way. Evaluating the talent at practices. Guessing who will stay and who gets cut. Predicting starting line-ups. Getting excited about no-name, undrafted rookies who WOW everyone at practices.

All this stuff makes me giddy.

In case you need a second helping, here is the 2014 training camp schedule for the Colts:

Practice Day Practice Hours
July 24th 1:55-4:25PM
July 25th 1:55-4:25PM
July 26th 1:55-4:25PM
July 27th 1:55-4:25PM
July 28th 1:55-4:25PM
July 29th Players' Day Off
July 30th 1:55-4:25PM
July 31st 6:25-8:55PM
August 1st 1:55-4:25PM
August 2nd 1:55-4:25PM
August 3rd Players' Day Off
August 4th 1:55-4:25PM
August 5th 1:55-4:25PM
August 6th No practice open to public
August 7th Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Jets (7:00PM Kickoff)
August 8th Players' Day Off
August 9th 1:55-4:25PM
August 10th 1:55-4:25PM
August 11th 1:55-4:25PM
August 12th 1:55-4:25PM
August 13th 10:25AM-12:30PM - BREAK CAMP