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Announcing New Contributors to Stampede Blue

Announcing some returning writers and some new ones to Stampede Blue.

With training camp beginning in just a few days, we're almost ready to begin the 2014 season.  It's one that is accompanied by a lot of excitement and expectation among Colts fans.  Along the same lines, we are very excited about what we're going to be doing here at Stampede Blue this year and have high hopes and expectations.  To start this all off, we'd like to give a brief update of who is going to be writing for us, and it's a good mix of people readers here will be familiar with and a few new names.

Of course, I (Josh Wilson) will be handling the lead writer duties and basically I'll be doing what I have been doing, only more of it with a few different things that are in the works.  I'll be handling the bulk of the articles on the site, but we're fortunate to have several other guys joining us (or remaining with us) to cover the Colts.

Matt Grecco, who has been with the site for seven years, will also be staying on to help with things, and Matt has been a huge help to me so far already in this period of transition.  A lot of Matt's work is done behind the scenes in editorial and managerial stuff, but it's huge nonetheless.  Due to his job with IndyCar his writing is limited, though he'll be returning to writing this fall in doing his regular writing stuff for us.  On Thursday mornings he will be doing his weekly stats preview, and on Fridays he'll be doing his Winning Stats Predictor Picks.  On Tuesday mornings, Matt will have his Inside the Numbers post, comparing the Colts to the other NFL teams that previous weekend.  Furthermore, Matt will also be doing some power rankings for us.  Also, he will be running the fantasty football leagues, and if you're interested in learning more, head here.  And, as already mentioned, Matt will continue to help behind the scenes as well to keep the blog running.  In case you aren't already, you can follow him on twitter @mgrex03.

Also returning to write for us is Stephen Reed, who did great stuff for us around draft time and will continue his writing during the season.  He loves draft stuff, and as such he'll have a weekly "rookie roundup" of how the Colts rookies did that week in the games, and then he'll be doing some other writing as things come up.  He loves the draft and he'll be helping us a lot in that area.  You can follow him on twitter @Reed_StephenT.

Tyler Brooke will also be coming back to write for us after a while away.  He is a contributor for Bleacher Report and used to write with us, and now he's back and will be doing a weekly film review article looking at a few key plays (both good and bad) from the previous week's game, and he too will be doing some other writing as things occur.  You can find him on twitter @TylerDBrooke.

Also returning to write for us is Stew Blake, who has been a contributor here on and off for a while and who will be coming back this season to do a couple of articles a week.  He'll be helping a bit with some film and analysis stuff and some other articles as stuff comes up.  You can follow Stew on twitter @stewblake22.

In addition to those familiar faces either staying around or returning, we have a few new guys who will be joining us to contribute as well.  Andrew Aziz started his own site, Everything Colts, where he still writes today and also contributes to Pro Football Spot and Football Nation.  He'll be joining us for a few articles a week, doing stuff such as film breakdowns, draft stuff, and other stuff as stuff comes up.  You can follow him on twitter @AndrewAzizEC.

Justin Becker will be joining us for a weekly fantasy football article.  He writes for and also contributes to SB Nation's Arizona Cardinals site, Revenge of the Birds.  He's a fantasy guru and will be contributing an article each week along those lines - hopefully that will help those of you playing fantasy football with this site this year.  You can follow him on twitter @NFLRankings.

I hope you all show these guys support as they write for us, and I'm excited about this upcoming season.  As a bit of a promotion, I want to let you know that there is a new twitter account for the site (under the same name but a different account), so go ahead and follow @StampedeBlue for the site's official account.

As we're entering into this upcoming season, I want to remind you that I'm open to suggestions and feedback on what we're doing well and what we could improve on, so feel free to send me an email or on twitter @Coltsfanwilson.  It should be an exciting season of Colts football ahead, and I'm thankful to each and every one of you for reading.

As always, Go Colts!