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Stampede Blue Tweetbag: First Week of Camp Edition

Stampede Blue's Josh Wilson answers questions about the Colts submitted by fans via twitter.

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Answering your twitter questions about the Colts.  You can follow Josh @coltsfanwilson and Stampede Blue @StampedeBlue.

It's very early yet, but if I had to take a guess, I'd say Donte Moncrief ends up as the kick returner and T.Y. Hilton as the punt returner, though I think Griff Whalen could end up as the punt returner as well.  A lot of the guys who have been working as the kick and punt returners in training camp have an uphill battle to make the 53-man roster and would have to really stand out as returners in order to make it.  I don't see anybody on the roster doing that.  The closest to making the roster based on his return skills was probably going to be Chris Rainey, but he was released for violating team rules.  He probably would have been the kick returner, but with him gone, the position is open yet again.  Basically, I don't think anybody is going to make the roster purely as a returner and therefore the Colts will be looking for someone who has impressed in other areas who can also return.  They like Moncrief as a returner, and we all know what T.Y. Hilton can do as a punt returner.  If the Colts were to not play Hilton there for fear of injury, however, then Griff Whalen would probably be next in line.  But both of these spots are certainly something to watch as camp and preseason goes on.

Probably the most impressive undrafted free agents early on in camp have actually been a few of the wide receivers.  Eric Thomas really impressed me the first day, and then Tony Washington had a good first week as well.  Obviously, those guys are very unlikely to make the roster, but they've been impressive.  Another one of the most impressive UDFAs early on has been Loucheiz Purifoy, who has made several nice plays.  I'm definitely keeping my eye on him.  As far as the guys you mentioned, Qua Cox looks solid, but like many of the undrafted players, he hasn't had those "standout" plays.  In camp, when everybody is working on drills and stuff, you really need to stand out from the rest, and Cox hasn't done that yet - neither has Kerr, neither has McDonald, neither has Walker, neither has Harrison.  Tipton has had a few nice runs, but he's really a guy we'll need to watch more as the pads continue to come on - we've only had one day in full pads.  But with Vick Ballard out for the season, Zurlon Tipton will get a great opportunity.

None.  You wouldn't know this guy tore his ACL a year ago if you just started watching him this week.  He looks great.  He's running very well and cutting well on his routes.  The only sign at all that tells he's coming off of an injury is the fact that his reps have been limited in camp so far.  That's it.  Watching him run and catch passes, he looks like Reggie Wayne - and that's the most encouraging thing I could possibly say about his progress.

As much as possible in a change of pace role, but not as a full-time starter.  With Ahmad Bradshaw's injury history, the Colts have limited him in practice and I'd expect there to be at least some sort of limit for games, too, in an effort to keep him healthy.  He's incredibly talented and the Colts will use him a lot, especially in a change of pace role.  But what makes the loss of Ballard so significant is that now they really have to stick with Trent Richardson even if he struggles, because Ahmad Bradshaw likely won't be counted on to be the number one starter as the Colts try to keep him healthy down the stretch.

Good question.  I'll say the two that have impressed me the most, and they're outside linebacker Jonathan Newsome and wide receiver Donte Moncrief.   Newsome had an especially great practice on Saturday, but he's been developing and looking good as a pass rusher during the first week and there's a lot to be excited about as he continues to work and progress.  And Moncrief has been getting a lot of reps at receiver and has looked good, making a couple of nice catches.  With him it's clear that there is work to do, but like with Newsome the early signs are very encouraging.  He looks good too.

While it's still very early and hard to tell exactly, my impression of Khaled Holmes so far is really quite simple: he's been good enough.  What I mean by that is that Holmes has looked good enough early on to allow Andrew Luck and the offensive skill players to do their thing.  It's honestly way too early to tell how Holmes will do as the team's starting center, but the thing I can say so far through watching camp is that he's done good enough.  We'll really start to see when we get to preseason games and stuff like that, but we can only hope that he'll just be good enough then as well - which is exactly what I've seen in camp so far.