Second opinion on Da'Rick Rogers' training camp.

We've talked/bitched a lot recently about Da'Rick Rogers' supposed lack of effort in training camp thus far. We've also talked/argued about how it might be unfair to judge Rogers' work ethic based on the observations of one person (Josh.) So, in search of a second opinion, I journeyed over to Matt Danely, one of their writers, has been providing excellent coverage (and pictures) from Colts camp. For this reason, I highly recommend following him on twitter. Danely also wrote an article, similar to one of Josh's summaries, describing how certain players performed in camp. I don't want to rob his site of views, so I won't just copy the whole thing here. But I will show you how he felt about Da'Rick.

Da’Rick Rogers is not on my "impressed with" list by any stretch! He doesn’t fight for balls, he quits often on routes, makes lazy/very sloppy breaks, and is just half-assing nearly everything. I was fully on the #FreeDa’Rick train last season and I almost feel stupid for it. His athleticism and physicality are extremely attractive to everyone, but if you’re looking for a hardworking receiver in practice, Rogers is not that guy. If this continues, you can bet on the Colts looking to draft yet another big, physical pass catcher in 2015 and ridding themselves of Da’Rick. Very disheartening, indeed!

If anything, that's even more negative than what Josh was telling us. Da'Rick may have an effort problem, but I still think we need to see what he does in preseason before deciding what to do with him. Despite what coaches will tell you, some players can still perform well on Sundays even when they don't give 100% in practice, and Rogers' gameday production is all I care about. If he can show us that his route running and hands have improved, great. But for now, it's looking like he'll be lucky not to get cut.

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