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Colts Reportedly Attend Workout of RB Traylon Shead

In advance of Friday's Supplemental Draft, the Indianapolis Colts were reportedly one of nine teams to attend the workout of Southern Methodist running back Traylon Shead.

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this morning we brought you the report that the Colts were one of twelve teams in attendance at the workout of Virginia University of Lynchburg defensive end LaKendrick Ross, who is eligible for the 2014 Supplemental Draft that will be held this Friday, and now we have anther report of the Colts attending a workout of another Supplemental Draft candidate.

This report also comes via NFL Draft Diamonds (the same site that reported the Ross workout) and says that the Colts were one of nine teams to attend the workout of Southern Methodist running back Traylon Shead.  Shead rushed for just 197 yards and 3 touchdowns in four games last year for the Mustangs (averaging 3.9 yards per carry) and has been granted eligibility for the Supplemental Draft.  He originally committed to Texas but ended up at a junior college before finally ending up at SMU.  He checked in at 6-2, 240 pounds at his workout recently.

Shead is an interesting prospect in the Supplemental Draft and I think I might be more inclined to give up a low round pick for him than for Ross, but even with that said I don't expect the Colts to give up a pick for either, nor do I think they should.  The past few years the Colts have given up draft picks for players and I don't think that giving up a pick for either of these players would be worth giving up a pick for.  With the Colts, Shead would be at best the fourth back on the roster, and that's if he makes the team.  With Trent Richardson, Vick Ballard, and Ahmad Bradshaw the Colts have three very solid backs on the depth chart already, and then add in the fact that they'll keep at least one fullback and there's not much room on the roster for another running back, especially a developmental one like Shead.  Much like the situation with Ross, I think it would be much wiser for the Colts to not offer a pick but, if he goes undrafted, to look at possibly bringing him in as a camp guy with a shot at the practice squad.

In addition to the Colts, the Cowboys, Texans, Packers, Lions, Giants, Seahawks, Dolphins and Bears reportedly attended the workout.  Once again, in case you need reminding, the Supplemental Draft is for players not in the regular draft but who sought eligibility for this one due to special circumstances.  Basically, if a team is interested they submit a "bid" by submitting a round of pick they would give up for said player, and then if their pick was the highest one submitted, that team is awarded the player.  Most recently and notably, the Cleveland Browns selected wide receiver Josh Gordon with a second round pick in the Supplemental Draft a few years ago.  This year's Supplemental Draft has generated pretty much no buzz whatsoever, but based on reports the Colts have attended the workout of both of the players who have been granted eligibility (there might be others, but not that I'm aware of).  That probably doesn't mean much more than that the Colts are just doing their due diligence and I'd be very surprised if the Colts actually submitted a pick for either of the players, but it's at least worth noting.