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Change at Stampede Blue

Josh Wilson will take over as lead writer and editor in chief at Stampede Blue, replacing Brad Wells.

Stampede Blue readers,

We have some significant news to bring to you this morning regarding the state of Stampede Blue and the future of the site, and that is that I (Josh Wilson) will be taking over as lead writer and editor in chief for Brad Wells, who is no longer writing for us.

Brad had been writing for SB Nation and Stampede Blue since 2006 and had a key role in making both SB Nation and Stampede Blue into what they are today.  Brad covered a Super Bowl and a couple of NFL Drafts, but most significantly he was the longtime lead writer and editor here on the site and devoted countless hours to both the content and the community, and we'd absolutely like to thank Brad for everything he's done for the site over the past eight-plus years.  Furthermore, I'd like to thank him for what he's done for me as well, giving me my "start" and first bringing me on to write for Stampede Blue.  I'm honored to have the privilege to take over for Brad in running the site, and I hope you'll join me in thanking Brad.

Most of you reading this site know who I am already, but I have been covering the Colts for close to four years now and am entering my third season with Stampede Blue covering the team.  My goal always has been and always will be to cover the team objectively and to provide top-notch content and analysis while at the same time not losing the passion that comes with being a die-hard fan, which I most certainly am and always have been.  I hope I have done a good job at that and I realize there's always room for improvement, but that has always been and will continue to be my goal as writer here.  I have seen first hand how tremendous this community is and we have numerous great and faithful readers and commenters, for which I am incredibly grateful.

As always, you can interact with me through the comments, via email, or on twitter, and I hope in this time of transition that we will both honor Brad and look for ways to continue to improve the site and bring the best Colts coverage to the web.  I love writing at Stampede Blue and am thrilled to take over for Brad as lead writer and editor.

Thanks for reading Stampede Blue and thanks for your continued support.

Josh Wilson