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Former Colts RB Edgerrin James Enjoying Retirement

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Former Colts running back Edgerrin James is back around the team tis weekend at training camp, but Edge isn't feeling that urge to get back out there. He's glad he retired, and he's enjoying life after football.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Some players don't know when to retire from the NFL, and even once they do they miss the game and wish they could get back out there.  In essence, they're always living in the past.

That's not true of former Colts great running back Edgerrin James.  "I'm glad I retired," Edge said Saturday when he addressed the Indianapolis media, as he is back for the weekend hanging out with the team and mentoring current back Trent Richardson.  "[I have] no carries left. [The NFL] got everything that you could get out of me, Edge continued.  "This is a young person's sport. Once you stop doing the things it takes to be good and I had too much other things going on personally to even try and attempt to go out there and play so I knew it was time for me to stop playing. If I was playing, I would give it my all or I am not going to be out there."

All that said, Colts head coach Chuck Pagano joked that he "tried to talk him into it but no carries for Edge."

"It's always great to have Edge around," Pagano continued.  "I've known Edge for a long, long time. We spent some time together down at the U. He's a fabulous football player, a great person and a great human being. To have him and his entire family up here with us for a couple of days is truly a blessing. I have to say, he is a man of few words, as you guys know. It cost me a lot of things to get him to speak to the team but when he speaks, people listen so it was great to have him up here."

Edge brought his family up with him to visit his former team's training camp this week, and he said that, "everywhere I go, I bring my kids and I bring my family.  I'm always going to take them with me."  He has six kids - three boys and three girls - and he said that "of course" all three boys were with him at camp.  "If you see me, you are going to see them."  He talked about how there are some pretty good up-and-coming football players in his family (who he says of course have to go to the University of Miami, where he attended) and he is even coaching one of his son's Mighty Might team in an eight to ten game season, so he's still around the game in that way.

He was back in Indy (ok, well at least in Anderson) for the weekend in large part to serve as a mentor to Trent Richardson.  "As far as playing when I got here, this team was filled with older players so you had Cornelius Bennett that would take you under your wing and Marvin Harrison who had been there so it wasn't such a young team," Edge said.  "You could get in and follow suit and they'd show you how to be a Colt. This team is pretty young and for Trent, it's a totally different situation. He was the third pick in the draft. He gets picked to go to one team and you have things going on in that organization and he is traded to another team so there is a lot that goes with that."

It's awesome that Edge is helping Richardson, but him just being back would be awesome enough.  When he played with Marvin Harrison and Peyton Manning (who he said he still keeps in touch with), Edge was a major part of one of the best offenses that the league has ever seen.  He rushed for 12,246 career yards and 80 career touchdowns, both of which rank in the top-twenty all-time, and he had seven 1,000+ yard rushing seasons in his 11-year career.  Edge says the NFL got everything out of him it could, and that everything was quite a bit.  It's great that Edge is back this weekend, and it's even better that he's enjoying retirement with his family.