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Stampede Blue Fantasy Football: Now All Full

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Still a handful of spots are still available for Stampede Blue Fantasy Football! Sign up today!


It's been a couple weeks now and we have almost every spot filled in Stampede Blue's Fantasy Football leagues, but there are a few unclaimed spots. I've given people ample time to accept their invitations, and we have leagues drafting this week, so I want them filled ASAP. Here are the times and number of spots I have left:

  • Tuesday Aug 19 11:45 pm ET (1 spot)
  • Saturday Aug 23 1:30 am ET (6 4 2 spots) - This is late Friday night. I'm challenging anyone to come draft after a night out at your favorite establishments.
  • Saturday Aug 23 5:30 pm ET (1 spot)
  • Monday Aug 25 9:00 pm ET (1 spot)
  • Wednesday Aug 27 8:00 pm ET (1 spot)
  • Sunday Aug 31 2:00 pm ET (21 spot)

Those of you who have invites already to this league can still accept them, as long as there is still room. At this point nothing is guaranteed. I'm only going to be taking people from the comments here. Just leave a comment and which league you'd like, and you'll have an invite coming your way. This way you'll be able to see which leagues people have signed up for. I'll also update the list above once people have accepted. You'll have 3 hours to accept your invitation. I want these leagues filled today. Feel free to put back-ups if you'd like and I'll use them if your first choice is gone, or the time expires for the first people.

Thanks to everyone who has already signed up and appreciate your promptness. I'm looking forward to three weeks of drafts and a season of beating all of you!