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Colts Practice Report: Day Sixteen (the last day)!

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Updates from the Colts training camp practice today.


Believe it or not, we've come to the end of training camp 2014 for the Indianapolis Colts.  Yeah, seriously - the team held their final practice session of camp this morning.

The last practice of camp is always a light, easy, and quick one, and it certainly was for the Colts.  They were just in shells this morning and the practice, scheduled to end at 12:30, ended at least a good hour early.  That's no surprise whatsoever - that's not anything abnormal for the last day of camp.

Most of the players already have their cars packed ready to go by the time the practice takes place so that they can head out of there, and there's always a line of cars headed back to Indianapolis shortly after practice ends.  Everybody just wants to get out of there, and so they're packed and ready to go before practice, and the practice itself is always shortened and easy.

All of that was true today, and so there's not much to learn from today's practice other than injury updates, which is pretty much entirely what this report consists of.  With camp ending, we'll have plenty of wrap-up coverage over the next few days, but for now, here's our final training camp practice report of the year.

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