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Risers and Fallers for Colts as Training Camp Concludes

Who's stock is rising and who's is falling for the Colts as training camp concludes? Stampede Blue's Josh Wilson takes a look.


The last time we did one of these lists, the Colts still had about a week left of training camp and had yet to play in a preseason game.  Now, training camp has ended and we're closer to the second preseason game than we are to the first, which was held last week.

So obviously, a lot has happened since our last list.  And as such, we've got new risers and fallers to update this list with.  Some players have seen their stock rise as the Colts played a preseason game and as camp closed, yet other players have seen their stock fall.  Let's take a look at some of the big ones in this week's edition of the risers and fallers list.

Stock Rising:

Da'Rick Rogers, wide receiver

Despite all his talent, Rogers wasn't showing it on the field at the start of camp.  His route running looked like it hadn't improved yet, and that's basically what he was being asked to do - make cuts and run routes he wasn't great at doing.  But in the past week or two, things have changed drastically.  Rogers' playing time with the offense increased greatly in camp, and he began making several great catches.  Even more than that, the Colts began to show that they knew how to use him.  With his speed, not many people can keep up with him, and it's in his route running that there come struggles at times.  So the Colts began sending him on deep go routes, and it has worked.  Even more than that, they're putting him in situations to succeed, and he's doing just that.  Rogers had a very strong finish to training camp.

Dan Herron, running back

The offensive star of the first preseason game, Herron made some nice runs and made a big impact in the receiving game too - including scoring the Colts' only touchdown of the night.  Herron has a great opportunity now that Vick Ballard is out for the year, and he took advantage of it in the first preseason game and has looked good in camp as well.

Henoc Muamba, linebacker

The defensive star of the first preseason game, Muamba was all over the field, leading the team in tackles and making plays.  It was a very encouraging first game for Muamba and there is plenty of reason to be excited about him.  He was a bit quiet in camp, as it's hard for an inside linebacker to do a ton when there's no contact, but in the first game when the Colts actually could hit, Muamba excelled.

Jonotthan Harrison, center

The undrafted free agent out of Florida has been thrust into the spotlight after Khaled Holmes' injury.  Sure, Harrison had a few bad snaps and a few bad blocks (or block attempts) in the first preseason game, but it was his first career game and he should improve.  Not only has Harrison's role increased (he should be the first team center all preseason at least), so has the praise from the team.  And there has been a lot of it - the Colts clearly really like him.  There's plenty of reason to like Harrison, and I love his potential.

Andy Studebaker, linebacker

A class act, Andy Studebaker is on the bubble of making the roster or not.  That's just the way it is as a special teams guy in the NFL - which Studebaker is great at.  He excelled on special teams last year, but unless he can also impress at linebacker, he's likely not  going to make the team.  In the Colts first preseason game, Studebaker looked good when playing with the defense, and then defensive coordinator Greg Manusky raved about him a few days later.

Stock Falling:

Sergio Brown, safety

The only reason Sergio Brown is listed in this category is because his time with the first team defense seemed to dramatically increase over the past week or so in training camp.  Even with Delano Howell out with injury the last few days, it seemed like it was Mike Adams and Colt Anderson more than Brown.  I don't have the practice snap count numbers or anything, but from what I saw compared to what I saw at the beginning of camp (when Brown and Howell were exclusively running with the first team unit), Brown's stock is falling as it seems his chances of starting at safety are falling.

FN Lutz, center

Khaled Holmes was injured.  Another undrafted rookie stepped in to start, but he wasn't (and isn't) solidified in his spot, even though he was on the stock rising list.  But despite all of that, FN Lutz hasn't impressed.  Even more, the Colts signed another center, Thomas Austin, and he was working with the second team during the last week of camp - ahead of Lutz, who has been with the team all camp.  Right now, then, Lutz is the fourth center on the team, and even when an opportunity arose, he didn't impress or he didn't get much opportunity to impress.  Either way, his stock (while never that high to begin with) is falling.

Qua Cox, cornerback

Qua Cox made this list last week on the stock falling category.  It was because he hadn't shown much in camp, and now that camp is over, I can say that he didn't show much all camp.  Coupled with a pretty poor performance in the first preseason game, I think the hopes and optimism surrounding Cox have cooled.