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Colts Risers and Fallers after Second Preseason Game

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Who's stock is rising and who's is falling for the Colts after the second preseason game? Stampede Blue's Josh Wilson takes a look.

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When we last looked at who's stock is rising and who's is falling for the Coltstraining camp had just concluded.  Now, after the second preseason game, let's update the list to see who's stock has risen and who's has fallen after the game against the Giants.

Stock Rising:

Jonotthan Harrison, center

When Khaled Holmes went down with an injury in preseason week one, Colts fans were concerned.  When just a few plays later his replacement, undrafted rookie Jonotthan Harrison, snapped a ball early to stall the Colts drive, fans were sent into a complete panic.  Another bad snap that game didn't help Harrison's case, but the Colts were effusive in their praise for the rookie, and I too love the potential he has.  Many of the concerns were quelled when Chuck Pagano said that Holmes should return for the season opener, but if that didn't help ease concerns fans have, the game against the Giants should have.  In that game, Harrison started the game and played most of the first half, and he more than held his own out there against first teamers.  He looked really good protecting Andrew Luck, and that's great to see.  His roster spot was already pretty secure, but it's even more so now and we're beginning to see that, while Holmes missing some regular season time wouldn't be good, perhaps it wouldn't be a disaster with Harrison as the backup.

Hakeem Nicks, wide receiver

Playing against his former team, Nicks looked like a true number one receiver.  Don't just look at the stats - which, 5 catches for 53 yards in about a quarter and some change is pretty great - but Nicks looked the part.  He had a dumb taunting penalty called on him, but on the field he stepped up in a big way in T.Y. Hilton and Reggie Wayne's absence.

Zach Kerr, defensive lineman

With Jeris Pendleton out for the year, there's a roster spot to be had along the defensive line, and Zach Kerr certainly stepped up in a big way against the Giants.  He recorded a sack, but more than that he got great pass rush and consistently did so, too.  More than that, he also played a big role in the run defense.  He was one of the lone bright marks from the third team defense in the fourth quarter that blew the game - it certainly wasn't because of Kerr, who was very impressive.

Loucheiz Purifoy, cornerback

Even though I've thought that he'll make the roster for a while now, Loucheiz Purifoy's game against the Giants will certainly help his performance.  He did a good job in coverage and made some plays in both pass defense and run defense, and his performance on that side of the ball was impressive enough.  But also, he contributed on special teams, which will only help his chances.  He returned a couple of punts, getting good yardage on them, and then also made a very nice stop on the opening kickoff.  He's becoming more and more secure in his spot.

Stock Falling:

Qua Cox, cornerback

Anytime you get called for a big pass interference penalty to put the opposing team in a goal-to-go situation with a minute left and them immediately after get burned for the game-winning touchdown, capping a 26-point blown fourth quarter lead, you're probably going to make this list.  And that's certainly true of Qua Cox, who's most notable moment of both training camp and preseason came in the wrong fashion.  He has yet to really impress and had a bad game against the Giants.  His stock isn't just falling, it's plummeting - especially when you consider that before camp began I thought he would make the roster.

Mario Harvey, fullback

With Stanley Havili on the PUP, Mario Harvey has been the first team fullback exclusively.  But on Sunday night against the Giants, he was not good.  Trent Richardson didn't help himself out much, but then again neither did the offensive line nor Harvey.  He was clearly outplayed by both Dwayne Allen and Cameron White at fullback, and there's no reason to have Harvey in the game if he's not helping out Richardson in the run game.  His performance on Sunday just added more fuel to the fire of fans saying that the team should just go without a fullback on the roster until Havili is ready to return - and that's certainly looking like the best option, though an unlikely one.

Lance Louis, guard

In the offseason, there was discussion about whether it would be Lance Louis or Jack Mewhort starting the season at left guard if Donald Thomas wasn't ready to go right away.  That discussion was tabled when Thomas opened camp, but then opened again in an even bigger fashion when Thomas went down and was lost for the season.  There was never really a doubt that Jack Mewhort would be taking Thomas' spot, but was it the right decision?  We became increasingly sure of that through camp and the first preseason game, and much more so in the game against the Giants. With Mewhort out for precautionary reasons, Louis got the start at left guard, and he struggled, getting pushed around and beat.  I don't think many are going to be debating whether Louis should be starting for Mewhort anytime soon.