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Colts Trade for Eagles RB David Fluellen

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The Colts today made a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles, sending kicker Cody Parkey in exchange for running back David Fluellen. In addition, the Colts waived running back Phillip Tanner.

Jonathan Daniel

Yesterday, we mentioned how the Colts had waived kicker Cody Parkey.  Well, as it turns out, that roster move was rescinded because the Colts today traded away Parkey (yes, they traded a kicker) to the Philadelphia Eagles for running back David Fluellen - who was waived by the Eagles yesterday in a move that was also rescinded.

Fluellen, a 5-11, 224 pound back, was signed by the Eagles as an undrafted free agent out of Toledo.  He was named a two-time first-team All-MAC and finished fourth in school history with 3,336 career rushing yards, also scoring 28 touchdowns.  In one preseason game with the Eagles, Fluellen rushed 6 times for 25 yards and also caught a 14-yard touchdown pass.  He didn't play in the Eagles second preseason game due to injury, but he was back at practice shortly after the game.

Parkey was signed by the Colts as an undrafted free agent out of Auburn, and he really wasn't anything more than a camp leg.  At the same time, however, he was impressive and it's awesome to see him get another shot, this time with the Eagles - who could actually use a kicker.

Lastly, Phillip Tanner was released, and that should come as no surprise after a fumble and a bad overall game in the loss to the Giants.

Is anybody surprised that Colts general manager Ryan Grigson made a trade with the Eagles?  Anyone?  Ultimately, this trade was a win for both teams, as both players were going to be released anyway and so now both the Colts and the Eagles get a guy who might be able to help them.

For the Colts, Fluellen likely won't make the roster - but he's certainly got a better chance than Parkey did.  And along those same lines, the Colts do have a spot open at running back that Fluellen could take with a good preseason.  Currently, only Trent Richarson and Ahmad Bradshaw are guaranteed roster spots.  Daniel Herron, Zurlon Tipton, and Deji Karim could also provide competition, and it's looking more likely that the Colts might end up keeping four running backs.

Ultimately, even if Fluellen doesn't end up sticking around, this was a good trade for the Colts (and for the Eagles too).  Both players were going to be waived (in fact, they were waived before the moves were rescinded) and now both have another shot with a new team - ones that can use each of them more than the team that waived traded them.