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Report: Delano Howell's Neck Injury Not Career Ending, No Timetable Yet for Return

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According to a report from ESPN's Mike Wells, the neck injury to Colts safety Delano Howell is not career ending, though there still isn't a timetable for his return.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week we talked about how Colts safety Delano Howell's neck injury was reason for concern, but we really didn't know many details then.  Now, according to a report from Mike Wells, we know one key detail - it'snot career ending.  Wells added:

"The neck injury that has sidelined Indianapolis Colts safety Delano Howell for more than a week is not career ending, a source told Friday.

Howell spent part of the week in Minneapolis meeting with a specialist to decide what the best action is to take with his neck. Colts officials are expected to talk to the doctors at some point Friday.

It's unknown how long Howell will be out. A neck injury caused Howell's 2013 season to end early."

So basically, we still don't know any timetable for his return, but that the injury won't end his career, which is good news.  The neck issues resulted in Howell ending last season on injured reserve, and then he missed the end of camp and the most recent preseason game because of a neck issue.  That was reason for concern, and then when Ryan Grigson met with the media the concern was raised when Grigson said that they didn't know many details but that Howell was meeting with specialists and was then going to consult his wife and agent to determine the best action.  That didn't sound good.

We're still awaiting word from the Colts and there's still not a timetable for Delano Howell's return, but according to this report from Mike Wells, the injury is at least not career ending.  So while we still don't know when he will be back, it sounds like he will be back at some point, which is good news.