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Colts Have NFL's Sixth-Best Fans, says Forbes

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According to a recent ranking by Forbes, the Colts have the NFL's sixth-best fans.

Andy Lyons

According to Forbes, the Indianapolis Colts have the sixth-best fans in the National Football League.

Forbes ranked each fanbase in five different categories: hometown crowd rank (Colts were 8th), TV audience rank (Colts were also 8th), stadium attendance rank (Colts were 1st), social media rank (Colts were 6th), and merchandise rank (Colts were 12th).

More from Forbes on how they compiled the rankings:

"Our ranking is based on five criteria: hometown crowd reach (defined by Nielsen Scarborough as a percentage of the metropolitan area population that watched, attended, and/or listened to a game in the last year), 3 years worth of television ratings (per Nielsen), 3 years of stadium attendance based on capacity reached, 3 years worth of merchandise sales (per, and social media reach (a combination of Facebook likes and Twitterfollowers based on the team's metro area population)."

The Colts were one of only seven teams who had a social media following that exceeded their local fan base population.  In terms of overall fanbase rankings, the Packers, Broncos, Saints, Patriots, and Ravens were the only teams with a higher ranked fanbase.

We all know that Colts fans are great, and they've gotten fully behind Andrew Luck and this new era Colts emphatically.  We don't need a Forbes ranking to tell us that Colts fans are awesome, but it's still nice to see that their rankings agreed.