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Predicting the First 15 Cuts for the Colts

With the first roster cutdowns (from 90 to 75 players) looming, Stampede Blue's Josh Wilson offers up a guess as to who the first 15 players cut for the Colts will be.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

The first roster cutdown is coming soon, as NFL teams have to have their roster trimmed down from 90 players to 75 players by Tuesday.  Of course, many teams will make their cuts before the deadline, especially a team like the Colts who played Saturday night.

I already made my prediction for the final 53-man roster earlier this morning, but here I look at who the first fifteen cuts might be and I make my guess.  Keep in mind that this isn't always the worst 15 players cut, because after all the Colts still have one preseason game left and will play the backups for the entire game at most positions.  So some of these cuts aren't because a guy is one of the worst 15 but rather because he's at a position where there's already plenty of depth and talent.

That said, here's my guess for the first 15 cuts (and I'm much more doubtful about this list than I am about my 53-man prediction):

  • David Fluellen, running back
  • Ryan Lankford, wide receiver
  • Eric Thomas, wide receiver
  • Nu'Keese Richardson, wide receiver
  • Tony Washington, wide receiver
  • Cameron White, fullback
  • Josh Walker, offensive lineman
  • FN Lutz, offensive lineman
  • Gannon Conway, defensive lineman
  • Tyler Hoover, defensive lineman
  • Jonathon Sharpe, outside linebacker
  • Qua Cox, cornerback
  • Sheldon Price, cornerback
  • David Sims, safety
  • Ulrick John (waived-injured)
Ok, now I know I'm probably off on several of these, but it makes for good discussion at least.  Who do you think will be the first 15 players cut, and where do you agree/disagree with my list (that's sure to be wrong)?  Discuss in the comments!