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Andrew Luck: "Disappointed in Myself" in Loss to Saints

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, always the first one to take the blame and be accountable, said that he's "disappointed in myself" over his performance against the Saints on Saturday night.

Andy Lyons

One of the most respectable things about Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is that he's always the first one to hold himself accountable and take the blame.  He won't throw teammates under the bus and he won't make excuses for his play - he's honest, defends his teammates, and holds himself accountable.

This was again true after a preseason loss to the Saints, a game in which a whole lot of things didn't go right for the Colts.  The team struggled, and Andrew Luck did too.  After the game, Luck said that he was "disappointed in myself.  Missed some throws, interception. We didn't establish a good rhythm."

"We did some good things as well though, we did get a touchdown drive. The two-minute drive, a lot of good things until we get stuck down at the goal line. We need seven points there, we've got to find a way to get seven. So good to get out, get the work. A lot of mistakes, I know I made a lot of mistakes that need to be corrected if we're going to have a chance to be a good offense. It will be a good couple of weeks of work for Cincinnati and then the start of the regular season."

Andrew Luck also described his interception, an underthrow of tight end Coby Fleener, as "just a really bad throw."  Luck added later that, "Guys gave great effort, but I know I made too many mistakes."

He's right - he made too many mistakes.  He wasn't good on Saturday night, that much is for sure.  He had a couple of underthrown passes (one that was intercepted) and missed some others.  But while Luck won't say it, his team didn't help him at all, either.  I'm not trying to take any blame away from Luck, because he was bad Saturday night.  But at the same time, he was under a lot of pressure.  His best drive of the night, the two-minute drive before the end of the first half, saw Luck at his best - moving around, breaking tackles, buying time, and making plays with his feet as the line struggled to keep the pocket clean.  And that was another prevalent theme of the night - Luck under pressure.  We've gotten used to seeing him do incredible things when pressured, like he did in that two-minute drill.  But on Saturday night, for much of the time he played, Andrew Luck was just off.

Thankfully, it was just a preseason game, and Andrew Luck is the least of my worries about this team.  He'll be fine.  He wasn't great on Saturday night, but he'll be fine.