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Colts vs. Bengals Final Score: Colts 7, Bengals 35

The Indianapolis Colts lost to the Cincinnati Bengals in the fourth preseason game, 35-7. It wasn't a great game for the Colts, but then again, who really cares in preseason game four?

Andy Lyons

The Colts lost tonight.  The Colts looked terrible tonight.  The Colts finished the preseason 0-4.  And none of that should be cause for concern.

Actually, I made the most of the game tonight.  The way I see it, this was the last time for almost a year that there will be a Colts game where they can play this terribly and I'm not super mad, upset and in a bad mood.  So might as well take advantage of it tonight.

That said, I guess there are still a few things to note from the fourth and final preseason game.  So here we go:

  • Only two starters played tonight: safety Mike Adams and offensive lineman Jack Mewhort.  Adams is still fighting for the starting safety spot (though he looks to clearly have the edge), so it makes sense that he would play.  It also makes sense that the rookie Mewhort would play, although it was interesting that he played at center.  Not sure what (if anything) it means, but it's interesting nonetheless.  Click the link to read more.
  • Speaking of the offensive line, Joe Reitz left with a high ankle sprain.  Again, click the link to read more about Reitz and the state of the offensive line (hint: the depth isn't very deep).
  • It was great to see Josh McNary out there for his preseason debut.  He racked up 7 tackles, an impressive effort.  The Colts like him, and it's easy to see why.  If he can stay healthy, he can help a lot.
  • It was also great to see Montori Hughes return to the field tonight.
  • Andrew Jackson was also playing tonight.
  • Jonathan Newsome looked good tonight as a pass rusher... although his sack did come when he was unblocked.
  • The Colts opened the game with Josh Gordy and Marcus Burley as the starting corners.  I find that interesting that Burley was ahead of Loucheiz Purifoy, but I don't think it's the worst thing to get Purifoy work as the nickel corner, which they did tonight.
  • Purifoy tried often to make a play in the punt return game.  He didn't.
  • Tyler Hoover - yes, the guy who came into camp as a defensive lineman - played a lot at left tackle tonight.  BUt it's also a good reminder that paying attention to the details is important, because Hoover was playing some with the offensive line at training camp, too.
  • The start of the second half was pretty much a perfect summary of the Colts night tonight.  They started with a three and out, then allowed a punt return touchdown, then threw a pick-six, and then allowed a sack (well, actually Chandler Harnish might have gained a yard or two) on third down.  What a start.
  • Speaking of Chandler Harnish... I do feel bad for him playing behind that offensive line.  But he did himself no favors.  It's getting to the point where I wonder if he'll be back next year for camp or not.  Probably yes, because the Colts have been talking him up, but he hasn't looked good.
  • I think Sergio Brown is behind both Mike Adams and Colt Anderson at safety now.  And I don't think that's because he's played poorly (he hasn't) but rather that the Colts like the other guys better.
  • I think Griff Whalen is pretty much a lock for the roster.  He didn't play tonight.  And I've been saying ever since the start of camp that I think he's the number five receiver.
  • Da'Rick Rogers, on the other hand, is in SERIOUS jeopardy of not making the roster.  The fact that he played the entire game tonight is not a good sign.  And he didn't do anything until the fourth quarter, and then he caught a short touchdown pass on a slant... and proceeded to punt the ball, drawing an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.  Seriously, how stupid can you be?  Playing the entire fourth preseason game should give him an indication of where he stands, and then making a really stupid move like that?  Yeah, all of you Rogers lovers out there might not be happy in the next day or two.  Just a heads up.
  • Pat McAfee was the MVP of the game for the Colts tonight.  And I'm completely serious.  He punted 8 times and made a tackle, while also handling the kickoff duties (though, to be honest, the Colts weren't kicking off too much tonight).
  • The next time the Colts take the field, it'll be for real.  And there was much rejoicing.