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Colts Camp Notebook: Day Ten!

Stampede Blue's Josh Wilson empties his notebook after watching the Colts practice at training camp.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After an off day on Sunday, the Colts returned to the practice field today, donning their typical helmet and shoulder pads.

Health-wise, it was actually a pretty good day for the Colts, as they had most of their players practice and not too many injuries that happened - other than Kelvin Sheppard, who was carted off the field with ice on his lower leg.  Don't freak out about the carted off part (as players take carts even when healthy) but I'm not sure how serious the injury is.

Other than that, it was a great day of practice for the Colts today.  Here's our camp notebook for the day:

  • Andrew Jackson, Xavier Nixon, Hakeem Nicks, Da'Rick Rogers, and Josh McNary missed practice today.  Rogers had a patch over his right eye, which was strange, and no official word from the team yet that I've heard, but it's likely he just got poked in the eye or something at walkthrough this morning.  As for Nicks, the Colts said it was just a rest day.  That seems weird to me.  The Colts had the day off yesterday and now Nicks gets the day off?  And also, when other vets get the day off, there is usually multiple on the same day.  Today, it was just Nicks.  I'm not sure what to make of it and the Colts said it was just rest, and certainly he's entitled to a rest day.  But the timing couldn't have been much worse, as it comes shortly after the media took Pep Hamilton's negative comments on him and ran with them, as Pep said that he needs to see more from Nicks.  Today, Nicks sat out for rest.
  • It was good that Vontae Davis and LaRon Landry were back today as well.  They returned in limited work on Saturday, and they were again limited today, though participating more.  They got in on team work today but were on a very limited snap count, as Chuck Pagano said they would be this morning.
  • Nu'Keese Richardson is very fast and quick.  I knew that he was talented with speed, but it was impressive to watch today - probably especially his quickness.  He didn't do a whole lot outside of position drills and returning some punts so we really didn't get to see a lot from him, but his quickness in route running and after fielding a punt was evident.
  • In a fade drill the Colts were doing today, Eric Thomas, Coby Fleener, Erik Swoope, and Donte Moncrief all impressed, making some very nice catches (although I'm not sure if Swoope came down with his feet in bounds or not - I couldn't see).  In that same drill, Nu'Keese Richardson burned Kameron Jackson by a couple of steps on the fade, but Jackson reached out and grabbed Richardson's jersey in an attempt to slow him down.  An assistant coach had clearly seen that more than once and shouted out, "Kam!!  You can't keep doing that!!!  Once it's over, it's over!  Don't hold!"
  • Trent Richardson continued to look strong today, though it's important to once again note that it's very hard to tell anything from the running game in camp when there's not much contact.  Even still, Richardson had some nice runs today and it's still encouraging to see.
  • Donte Moncrief made a heck of a catch in the red zone 11-on-11 drill.  He fought off the press coverage and then made a great play on the ball to grab the pass and come down in bounds for a score.  Moncrief continues to impress.
  • Just a small observation I've made in camp - Dwayne Allen has been slipping quite a few times.  Maybe there's something up with his shoes, or maybe there's nothing wrong, but it's just an observation I've made and he slipped yet another time on a route today.
  • Matt Hasselbeck made a beautiful pass down the right sideline to the end zone to Donte Moncrief, and the pass fell perfectly into Moncrief's arms.  It would have been the highlight of the day and still was a very impressive play, but Moncrief didn't get in bounds on the play.  Safety Sergio Brown made sure the fans knew about that last part, too, shouting to the crowd, "Incomplete pass!!  Incomplete pass!!!"
  • Brown had a nice day today, too, with a couple of nice plays and a very nice pass deflection on a pass intended for Coby Fleener.
  • It's clear watching the offense just how much control Andrew Luck has of the offense.  He's out there telling people where to line up and what to do.  He's in total control.
  • Returning punts during special teams drills today was Ryan Lankford, Nu'Keese Richardson, and Griff Whalen.  While T.Y. Hilton is listed as the first team punt returner on the depth chart, he hasn't been doing much punt returning in camp and I wouldn't be surprised at all if Whalen (or Richardson, if he makes the team) ends up as the punt returner.
  • Eric Thomas had a good day today.  I already mentioned that he had a nice grab in the fade drills and then he had a couple more grabs throughout the day.  He's wearing number 81, the number of Darius Heyward-Bey last year with the Colts, but Thomas has impressed with his hands in camp so far and had another good day today.
  • It's so hard to tell anything about the offensive or defensive lines in camp, but keeping that in mind, Jack Mewhort had a good day today blocking Arthur Jones.
  • I mentioned this about Cory Redding the other day, but Redding, Arthur Jones, and Robert Mathis make training camp fun.  They're vocal about what is going on and they get really in to it.
  • There was another little scuffle today, with Zurlon Tipton and Colt Anderson going at it and a lot of pushing and shoving after the play.  It was short-lived, however, like normal.
  • Darius Butler made the play of the day today, jumping an Andrew Luck pass intended for Donte Moncrief and picking it off.  He took off running down the sideline returning the pick before Luck shoved him out of bounds.  After the play, Butler gave the ball to a kid watching practice, but a Colts team rep came over and took the ball from the kid.  Really, Colts, you're that hard up for one football?
  • The Colts resume practice tomorrow afternoon at their normal time of 1:50 - 4:25, and then they're off until Saturday because the Colts actually play on Thursday!!!!

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