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Trent Richardson Expects Greatness from Himself

Colts running back Trent Richardson said on Monday that "the pressure I put upon myself is nothing but greatness."

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Chalk this up to the "obvious" category if you wish, but Colts running back Trent Richardson has never shied away from the media (even when at the peak of his struggles) and on Monday he addressed the media about his expectations for himself.

"I mean, 1,000 [yards] is not the goal," Richardson said.  "For me, it's personal. I'm going to keep it to myself but just know 1,000 is not it for me."

While Richardson wouldn't divulge his yardage goal, a follow up question prompted a follow up answer.  Is  Richardson's goal higher than 1,000 yards?  "Yes, it's higher.  My goals are always going to be set high, my standards are going to be set higher," Richardson answered.  "So when I say it like that, it means that I'm looking for the best and I'm looking for much more success. I know my fans and I know the media, they're looking for more. The pressure I put upon myself is nothing but greatness."

Richardson also talked about how he feels entering his first full season with the Colts, saying that, "I feel very explosive. I'll tell you, it's much easier to make your cuts, to do the right stuff when you know what's really going on."  As for the missed time in training camp already, Richardson said that he talked with Reggie Wayne and that Reggie told him that if he wasn't 100%, he shouldn't risk it at this point and he should sit out and recover.  On a bit of a related side note, Richardson later talked about his respect for Reggie, saying, "Reggie, he's Superman to me. I've never seen a guy come out there like he's young again and being very productive as he's been after the ACL tear. I see that guy three times a day in the training room doing what he's supposed to be doing. You don't see that."

Going back to what Richardson said about his goals, it might be easy for fans to dismiss his comments as "obvious" and that players absolutely should expect greatness from themselves.  And that would be an accurate assessment.  But Richardson means it.  He's handled himself well since coming to Indy, even though he has had a lot of struggles early on.  He wants to be great, and he wants to help his team be great.  He wouldn't talk about what specific yardage mark he expects out of himself, but he was clear that he expects greatness.

If he can come anywhere close to achieving those expectations, it would be beyond huge for the Colts.  Here's to hoping he does - but I'll believe it when I see it.