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Colts Inactives for Tonight's Game

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With the Colts first preseason game just over an hour away, here are those who won't be playing tonight.

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It's been a long offseason and then two weeks of training camp, but the Colts first preseason game is just over an hour away.  As such, the inactives have been announced for tonight's game:

WR Josh Lenz

CB Vontae Davis

S LaRon Landry

FB Stanley Havili

RB Ahmad Bradshaw

LB Andrew Jackson

LB Kelvin Sheppard

LB Josh McNary

OL Xavier Nixon

WR Reggie Wayne

Nobody inactive tonight should surprise you.  We already knew that Reggie Wayne wasn't going to play, and then considering the fact that Davis and Landry have only practiced a couple of times all camp, that one should have been expected too.  It makes sense that Bradshaw isn't playing, either, but at the same time I would like to see him play some in preseason and I hope he does.  Havili is on the PUP, so that was a given.  The biggest thing about this inactive list is the lack of depth at inside linebacker, which has been a concern all week.  Three inside linebackers won't play tonight, and then starters Jerrell Freeman and D'Qwell Jackson will only play a series or two.  That means the only true inside linebackers (look for an outside backer to shift over some too) are Henoc Muamba and the recently signed Shawn Loiseau.  So basically, expect to see a lot of Henoc Muamba tonight, and that's something I'll be excited to see.


<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Bob Lamey says Chuck Pagano told him Robert Mathis will not play tonight. He&#39;s not inactive though, so we&#39;ll see. <a href="">#Colts</a></p>&mdash; Josh Wilson (@Coltsfanwilson) <a href="">August 7, 2014</a></blockquote>

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