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Khaled Holmes Injured on Colts Opening Drive

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Colts starting center Khaled Holmes went down with an injury on the Colts first offensive drive of the preseason, and it didn't look good.

Alex Trautwig

There's only one real way to lose a preseason game, and it's not about the score.  Rather, the real way to lose a preseason game is by having injuries.  On their first drive of the preseason, the Colts offense had just that.

Midway through the opening drive, starting center Khaled Holmes went down with an injury.  He grabbed his leg and tried to get up, but then grabbed his lower leg again and stayed down.  He was pounding the ground and clearly was not happy at all as the trainers came out and attended to him.  He was eventually able to walk off the field and into the locker room, so the hope is that it's not serious, but it didn't look good initially.

The official word from the Colts is that it is a left ankle injury and that Holmes is questionable to return - although in a preseason game, no one ever returns no matter the severity.  We have to hope that it's not bad and that the Colts dodged a bullet, because there''s really no depth at all behind Holmes.

I really don't have a problem at all with the Colts starting Khaled Holmes.  I don't have a problem at all.  The problem I have is that they don't have a backup option.  Tonight, undrafted rookie Jonatthon Harrison came into the game, and he snapped the ball over Andrew Luck's head on 3rd-and-goal, thus forcing the Colts to kick a field goal.

The good news is that Holmes actually looked very good on the opening drive before getting hurt.  Both him and left guard Jack Mewhort were playing very well and doing a great job blocking, so that was very encouraging.  Now, we just have to hope the Colts dodged a bullet and that the injury to Khaled Holmes isn't serious.



This is an update updating you that Colts head coach Chuck Pagano has no update yet.  But what Pagano did say after the game is that Holmes will undergo an MRI and that then the team will know more tomorrow.