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Xavier Nixon Undergoing Surgery Today

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According to a tweet from Colts offensive lineman Xavier Nixon, he is undergoing surgery today. He has been out of practice with an injury for much of camp.


It hasn't been a good couple of weeks at all for the Colts offensive line, especially in the last 24 hours.  Earlier in training camp starting left guard Donald Thomas re-tore his quad, putting him out for the season.  Then last night starting center Khaled Holmes went down with an ankle injury that initially looked bad but that initial reports suggest might only be a sprain.  Also last night, offensive tackle Ulrick John went down with what initial reports say is a broken ankle.  So the injury bug has affected both Colts starters and depth along the offensive line, and now we bring you the fact that another Colts lineman appears to be having surgery today.

According to Xavier Nixon's twitter account, he's undergoing surgery today:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Goin into surgery today yal pray for me</p>&mdash; Xavier Nixon (@XavierNixon) <a href="">August 8, 2014</a></blockquote>

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Nixon has had a knee injury that has forced him to miss significant time in camp and he has been walking gingerly / limping for a while too.  We don't have any details about why Nixon is undergoing surgery today, how serious it is, or how long Nixon will be out, but it's not great news that another lineman is hurt, and the injury sounds significant enough to at least require surgery.

Last year, Nixon stepped in and played admirably well for the Colts.  He played mostly guard (despite being listed as a tackle) and did a good job, and this year he was likely to give valuable depth to an offensive line that could really use it.  While it wouldn't be as high profile as others, losing Nixon for any extended period of time wouldn't be good for the Colts, who have already had injury concerns and who are starting some inexperienced guys.  Having as much depth as possible is important, and Nixon is one of the best options for a depth lineman and spot starter that the Colts have.

We don't have much information at all about the details of this injury so stay tuned, but it sounds like Xavier Nixon is undergoing surgery today, per his twitter account.  Hopefully he won't miss much time, but we'll see.