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Which Eagles Player would Colts Fans Most Want?

If you got to choose one Eagles player to put on the Colts, who would it be?

Rich Schultz

Some of the NFL blogs this season are doing articles about which player of the opposing team you'd most want on your favorite team.  In advance of the Colts matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles, we're looking at that exact question: if you (as a Colts fan) got to choose one Eagles player to put on the Colts, who would it be?

There were a few options I thought through.  Center Jason Kelce is quickly emerging as one of the NFL's best centers after a tremendous 2013 season.  As we all know, the Colts center position has a lot of questions right now.  With Khaled Holmes coming off of an injury and still being unproved, Jonotthan Harrison being an undrafted rookie, and then A.Q. Shipley being solid but having limitations, the Colts could really use a top center, which makes Kelce a very intriguing option.  Guard Evan Mathis (though he's on the IR designated to return) is another option I considered, as he's one of the league's best guards and is a great all-around player, especially in the run blocking.  With rookie Jack Mewhort starting at left guard and Hugh Thornton (who had a terrible 2013) starting at right guard and then hardly any depth behind them, a great guard like Mathis would be another option that's hard to overlook.  The Colts offensive line is clearly a problem, so the two Eagles' linemen who are both arguably top five at their respective positions are both players Colts fans should and would want.  But which Eagles player would Colts fans most want?  To me, it's running back LeSean McCoy.

McCoy is the Eagles' best player and one of the best players in the NFL.  He's a two-time All-Pro, a two-time Pro Bowler, the NFL rushing champion in 2013 and the NFC Offensive Player of the Year in 2013.  Last year, McCoy rushed for 1,607 yards and 9 touchdowns, averaging 5.1 yards per carry, and also caught 52 passes for 539 yards and 2 scores - totaling 2,146 yards and 11 touchdowns on the year.  It was McCoy's third 1,000+ yard rushing season but it was clearly his best.

For the Colts, they have issues at running back too.  Yes, a lot of those issues have to do with the offensive line, but that doesn't mean that Trent Richardson isn't to blame.  If the Colts got LeSean McCoy, it would do amazing things for the offense.  It would take the pressure off of Andrew Luck while providing a great option in the receiving game.  Furthermore, McCoy is a top runner and can make plays there - much more so than Richardson (much more so).

The Eagles are a good team with several very good players.  Especially on the offensive side of the ball, there are some good options to choose from in our imaginary discussion about which one you'd most like on your team as a Colts fan.  To me, however, LeSean McCoy is their best player and he would be the best addition to this team.  While one of the linemen would be a big addition and would help Trent Richardson, LeSean McCoy would add another dimension to this offense that would take it to another level.  If you're asking me which Eagles player I'd most want on the Colts as a fan, I'd take McCoy.