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Ranking the Indianapolis Colts’ Fantasy Weapons for Week 2

Which Colts are the best options for fantasy football this week?

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This post comes from Justin Becker of You can follow him on Twitter @NBAandNFLInfo or on the Fantasy Football Overdose Google+ Page, and for more Fantasy Football Rankings visit Fantasy Football Overdose.

The Indianapolis Colts once again led a cardiac attack on offense, as Andrew Luck nearly engineered his ninth career fourth quarter comeback in a week one loss to the Denver Broncos. No one really expected Indy to go up 2-0 in their second meeting with former franchise quarterback Peyton Manning, but it surely was nice to see them come close.

It was also nice to see Andrew Luck and some of the other Colts show up on the fantasy football scene, as well. And in that same breath, it was disappointing (but not all that surprising) to see some of the Colts players disappoint.

With Week 1 in the bag, let’s look ahead to Indy’s Week 2 battle and rank their top fantasy options:

1. Andrew Luck (Quarterback)

Quarterbacks generally put up the most points week in and week out. That’s no secret. It’s also no secret that Luck finished as the number five quarterback in fantasy football last year and started off 2014 with a huge game, as well. Indy is going to have to continue to pass the ball a lot due to an inability to run the ball. That keeps Luck inside the top-10 and possibly even top-5 most weeks. Facing a very beatable Eagles defense at home, Luck might even have a shot at the #1 spot among quarterbacks this week.

2. T.Y. Hilton (Wide Receiver)

Denver did a good job of limiting Hilton in week one, as Hilton faced Aqib Talib for much of the game and ended with just five catches for 41 yards. That’s one down game, but going up against the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football this week, and that’s about as enticing as it gets. Hilton bummed fantasy owners out last week, but they’ll experience a much better feeling in week two. Count on it.

3. Reggie Wayne (Wide Receiver)

Wayne was very active in his first regular season game back from a torn ACL, as he played most of the game and secured nine of a whopping 13 targets. Reggie Wayne is going to be Andrew Luck’s first read on a lot of routes, simply because even at 36 years old he continues to run pristine routes, gets open and secures well placed balls. He’s just reliable and consistent. That may not equate to huge touchdown games or monster yardage performances, but you could do a lot worse at your WR3 or possibly even WR2 spot in fantasy leagues.

4. Trent Richardson (Running Back)

If Trent Richardson showed us anything last week, perhaps he’d take the second spot. Unfortunately, he didn’t. Philly’s defense actually stopped the run quite well in week one, while T-Rich could only muster 20 rushing yards on six carries in his own week one battle. Nothing really screams upside this week, but if Indy can stay in this one or even hold the lead, he’s sure to get more chances. We’re going off of pure role here with Richardson’s value, but even that probably makes him merely a Flex option.

5. Dwayne Allen (Tight End)

Allen’s only catch went for a touchdown last year. Had he not gotten hurt, we may have seen a major leap in his second NFL season. He got right back on track in week one, though, securing four of five targets for 64 yards and a score. Allen is the preferred tight end to use in Indy because he’s on the field more than his backup, Fleener. He holds a slight fantasy edge over receiver Hakeem Nicks, as well.

6. Hakeem Nicks (Wide Receiver)

Operating as Indy’s #3 wide receiver, Nicks is going to have some "touch and go" fantasy value. A better word may be inconsistent. Nicks is still a very talented receiver who showed in week one (five catches and a score) that he can be a factor.

Nicks bombed out last year with the Giants (zero touchdowns), but he’s in a new town and has upgrades all around him - specifically at quarterback. That bodes well, but those upgrades also work against him. This week brings a potential shootout, but Nicks may be on the field a little less than tight end Dwayne Allen, who should remain on the field due to his blocking prowess. It’s a close call, but I’d prefer All of the two this week.

7. Ahmad Bradshaw (Running Back)

Bradshaw was used as a receiver out of the backfield quite a bit in week one (five catches for 70 yards), but a lot of that came late as the Colts were in comeback mode. In other words, add in Bradshaw’s three rushing attempts, and this isn’t really a role we can trust in fantasy football.

Bradshaw is going to eventually steal the starting gig from Trent Richardson, but for now he’s a desperate Flex play. He needs to be stashed on a roster, but starting him isn’t advised.

8. Coby Fleener (Tight End)

Nothing has changed from a year ago. Fleener remains a tall, speedy tight end that used to play college ball with Andrew Luck. The chemistry and opportunities are still there, but Fleener just seems to be missing that "it" factor.

Whether it’s drops, a bad route, poor blocking or not keeping his feet in bounds, his lack of concentration and execution ultimately keeps holding him back. He’ll still get his chances as Indy likes to run some two-tight end sets, but Dwayne Allen is the more complete tight end and better fantasy option.