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Colts Once in a Lifetime Experience? Marvin Harrison's 2002 Season is a Notable One

The Colts have had many experiences that are great, but one of the biggest "once in a lifetime experiences" for Colts fans would have to be Marvin Harrison's 2002 season.

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If you're a Colts fan (and you probably are if you're reading this site), there has been a lot of memorable moments in the past fifteen years.  There were a couple of 14 win seasons, an NFL record long win streak, Peyton Manning's 49 touchdown pass season, an incredible run of double-digit win seasons, and many, many other incredible moments.  When we're talking about a once in a lifetime experience, however, we couldn't go with Peyton's 49 touchdowns because, well, that's now third-best all-time.  And I didn't want to go with the decade-long run of success because, while that won't be matched again, I wanted to go with something that was a bit shorter in terms of time span.

Anyone remember Marvin Harrison's 2002 season?  That is right up there with the best receiving performances of all-time, and it's probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Colts fans.

In 2002, Marvin Harrison caught 143 passes for 1,722 yards and 11 touchdowns.  Harrison's 143 catches still rank as the most in a single-season in league history, and the closest anyone has come to that mark is 20 shy.  That's a good two-games worth, at least.  His 1,722 yards rank as the fifth best in a single-season in league history.  It was in this season that Harrison was as important as ever to a team, as Peyton Manning relied very heavily on his star receiver.  Harrison didn't disappoint.

Harrison's 2002 year is arguably the greatest receiving season of all-time.  Randy Moss in 2007 set the record for most touchdown receptions (23) but only caught 98 passes and 1,493 yards - all very good marks, but not on par with Harrison's.  The closest rival probably comes from Jerry Rice (of course) in 1995, when Rice caught 122 passes (tied for fourth all-time) for 1,848 yards (second all-time) and 15 touchdowns.  Or then what about Calvin Johnson in 2012, catching 122 passes for 1,964 yards and 5 scores.  Harrison's 2002 season is right up there among the best, if not the best, and it's one to remember for Colts fans.

I'm not going to say that Harrison's 143 catches is an unbreakable record because with the way the league is going now there will be more and more passing.  Someone might break it, but it's unlikely.  His 143 receptions still stand as the best mark in league history, and no one has come close.  Considering that his receiving yards that season also is a top-five performance, I think that Marvin Harrison's 2002 season could very well be a once in a lifetime experience for Colts fans.

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