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Best and Worst Colts Fantasy Football Options in Week Two

FanDuel offers some good bargains for Colts players in week one - but who are they?

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Every week, we're partnering with FanDuel to look at which Colts have the best and the worst value for this week's games. FanDuel is a weekly fantasy football site in which you're the general manager.  You have a salary cap of $60,000 and you have to try and assemble the best team possible under the cap.

With the Colts playing the Eagles this Monday night, let's take a look at where the significant Colts are priced this week.


Andrew Luck, 4th overall QB, $9,200 value

Andrew Luck is always going to be a good play in fantasy every week because he is going to have to pass the ball a lot, especially now with the loss of Robert Mathis likely meaning the defense will allow more points.  Last week Luck wasn't even on the top of his game and threw for 370 yards and 2 scores, and this week I'd say he's definitely a good start as well (and every week).

Running Back:

Trent Richardson, 28th overall RB, $6,400 value

Ahmad Bradshaw, 48th overall RB, $5,200 value

The Colts will focus much more this week on running the football after they got away from it last week.  It'll be an emphasis this week and that could make Richardson an intriguing guy based on the fact that he should get opportunities.  But I can't overlook Ahmad Bradshaw being priced as the 48th most valuable running back, and I think he's a prime candidate to exceed that.  He was limited in practice Thursday, sure, but last week he saw the bulk of the snaps at running back for the Colts and I'd expect for him to continue to see a lot of snaps as long as he's healthy.  He could be a steal this week.

Wide Receiver:

T.Y. Hilton, 29th overall WR, $6,400 value

Reggie Wayne, 33rd overall WR, $6,200 value

Hakeem Nicks, 41st overall WR, $5,800 value

I also expect the Colts to be more active in involving T.Y. Hilton this week after a rather quiet opening game, so that could be a good play.  Reggie Wayne had a great first game and there's no reason to expect otherwise this week.  Hakeem Nicks is always a week-by-week player, as he'll likely be inconsistent with his fantasy production due to being the third wide receiver.  I'm not sure he's a great option this week.  If you want to go with a Colts receiver, the other two are worth their price more than Nicks is, I think.

Tight End:

Coby Fleener, 15th overall TE, $5,400 value

Dwayne Allen, 19th overall TE, $4,800 value

Yes, that's Coby Fleener you see ranked as the 15th overall tight end in fantasy for this week.  He was terrible last week, but it's important to not overreact in a major way over just one game.  Still, I'd be very hesitant over playing Fleener.  He has the talent, but he didn't produce in week one and was bad.  Dwayne Allen is the much safer and, I think, better option in fantasy football this week.  Plus, he's a cheaper value than Fleener, too.


Adam Vinatieri, 10th overall K, $5,000

If you're trying to manage the salary cap, kicker is probably the position you've saved the least money for.  You don't need a top kicker and with Adam Vinatieri coming in 10th, he would be a great value.  I think he's better than the tenth best kicker in the NFL, but either way his fantasy value this week should make him worth it if you need a value pick at kicker.


Colts Defense, 19th overall defense, $4,800 value

Don't play the Colts defense versus this Eagles offense.  Just don't.  Without Robert Mathis, with several starters missing some practice time this week, with the up-tempo Eagles offense and their skill - you really shouldn't play the Colts defense.  You can thank me later.

Editor's Note: SB Nation's partner FanDuel is hosting a $250,000 Fantasy Football Contest for Week 2's NFL games. It's only $10 to join and first place wins $25,000. Starts Sunday, September 14th at 1pm ET. Here's the link.