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2014 NFL Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 2

We're off and running with a very nice Week 1. Can we keep the momentum going into Week 2? The Winning Stats Predictor makes its picks for the week.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

At least for one week, I hope you tailed the Winning Stats last week, as it was very successful. Picking games Against the Spread it went 9-7, and 3-0 in games where the difference was six points or more (usually my threshold), so it was a nice week. Over/Unders also went 10-6, as the new rules didn't seem to have an impact on the number of points scored. Picking winners it went 11-5, including nailing almost perfectly the Bills-Bears game (predicted 24-20, ended 23-20) that nobody else saw coming.

Here are your Week 2 picks, which are still going to be quite skewed for the Packers because of the Aaron Rodgers injury last season:

Home Score Away Score Probability
Ravens 19 Steelers 24 62.7%
Bills 19 Dolphins 13 64.7%
Panthers 22 Lions 20 55.2%
Browns 22 Saints 28 67.5%
Redskins 19 Jaguars 18 50.6%
Vikings 27 Patriots 23 60.3%
Titans 27 Cowboys 23 62.1%
Giants 13 Cardinals 22 74.0%
Bengals 27 Falcons 23 62.5%
Chargers 22 Seahawks 26 58.6%
Buccaneers 21 Rams 20 53.0%
Packers 24 Jets 25 53.8%
Raiders 20 Texans 21 51.1%
Broncos 28 Chiefs 20 70.9%
49ers 31 Bears 21 75.9%
Colts 22 Eagles 23 50.9%

SuperContest also had a great start at 4-1, missing only on the Saints, a game I wasn't that comfortable with beforehand. Let's keep it rolling with my fake money:

  • Bills +1 vs. Dolphins
  • Cardinals -2.5 at Giants (becomes tougher potentially without Carson Palmer but still like it)
  • Vikings +3 vs. Patriots (Still like it even without Peterson. Even great RBs don't move a line much)
  • Chargers +6 vs. Seahawks
  • Raiders +3 vs. Texans

Survivor Pick: Jets were a winner last week, and this week we'll go with the 49ers opening up their new stadium against a injury-riddled Bears team, who could be without both Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey. Most people are going either Denver or Green Bay, so we'll go a slightly lower percentage game (although not according to the Winning Stats) and a lot less people picking them.