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Colts were Nervous when Reggie Wayne went down Last Week

In last Sunday night's game, wide receiver Reggie Wayne went down awkwardly and immediately fans were concerned about his surgically repaired knee. The Colts and Reggie were too, but thankfully he's fine.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

File this one away under the "obvious" category, but the Colts were concerned when Reggie Wayne went down last week.

It came in the game against the Broncos, the first extended action for Reggie Wayne since tearing his ACL a year ago.  Reggie caught a screen pass and then fell awkwardly to the ground, immediately causing fans to worry about his surgically repaired knee.  Fans weren't the only ones concerned.

"Well, when it's like that, I'd rather just see him get the crap knocked out of him over the middle than do the splits," Chuck Pagano said Saturday. "Thank God he does yoga."

In response, Reggie joked that, "that friendship stuff is overrated [between him and Pagano]," but he continued after laughing.  "But I think I would rather have none, but to a sense, he's probably got some truth to that. I've been hit many times before and bounced up, but when you go down awkward, it's a different get up. It's kind of a get up, make sure your leg and everything is still attached to your body, make sure everything's functional and get up. One thing I realized after I watched the film is I probably should have just laid there because everybody was waiting on me and the play clock is just ticking and ticking and ticking. We're away and you hear the whole stadium get quiet, you don't know if that's respect or if all my fantasy coaches are just in trouble. It's something that all eyes are on me and that's something that I don't want all eyes to be on me about. So I just wanted to make sure I get up and finished it out."

Reggie also said that, "It's just afterwards more than it is as you're going down. As I'm laying there, I'm just trying to compare feelings. But at the same time, after the game was over, I tell myself that's probably the healthiest joint on my body; still got the price tag, you know? So you're fine, it's all the other stuff you've got to worry about at this point in time. It's not something that I stress. It's already written. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen. Hopefully it doesn't."

Reggie Wayne is fine now and is coming off of a nine-catch, 98-yard performance.  But for a few seconds last Sunday night, everybody was concerned about his knee once again: the coaches, Reggie, and the fans.  Thankfully, it's nothing.