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Final Score: Colts 27, Eagles 30

The Colts fell to the Eagles tonight, 27-30.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

What you just witnessed, on national television on Monday Night Football, was a complete implosion.  The Colts fell apart.

The team held a 20-6 lead over the Eagles in the third quarter.  They lost 30-27 on a game winning field goal by former Colt Cody Parkey as time expired.

The officiating cost the Colts the game.  That missed no-call on T.Y. Hilton that led to the Andrew Luck interception that changed the entire game?  Yeah, that's inexcusable, and the NFL can't give the refs a pass, either.  And that terrible horsecollar flag?  Yeah, that was bad too.

The coaching cost the Colts the game.  Seriously, Pep Hamilton, with perhaps the NFL's most-clutch quarterback and plenty of time left in a tie ball game, you run it twice?  Seriously?  Or what about that wasted timeout by Chuck Pagano on the final drive?  Those weren't the only questionable calls, either.

Chuck Pagano and Pep Hamilton better be held accountable, but they won't be.  These officials better be held accountable, but they won't be.  You know who will be held accountable, though?  Those players that allowed Darren Sproles to run all over them.  That offense that couldn't get a first down or that threw a pick.  It's unfair, but that's the way the Colts and the NFL work.

Here's some notes from tonight's game:

  • Trent Richardson ran better than we've ever seen him in a Colts uniform.  Unfortunately, his night might be remembered more for the two fumbles (one lost), and that's understandable.  Richardson absolutely has to hold onto the football.  But I don't think that completely negates the good things he did tonight, and there certainly were some encouraging runs.  Overall, I was impressed by Richardson tonight.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw also had a good game.  That doesn't surprise me as much as Richardson's good game does, but Bradshaw looked good all the same.  For the second week in a row, we're seeing just how huge it is for this offense to have a healthy Bradshaw.
  • The offensive line deserves credit for their run blocking tonight.  I especially thought rookie Jack Mewhort looked good, which was a great sign.
  • Jack Doyle deserves a lot of credit, too.  He was playing in the fullback-type role and then also as a third tight end, and he looked good at both.  Plus, he caught two passes, which was more than Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen combined, and he also caught his first career touchdown.  I thought Doyle had a very good game.
  • The defense deserves credit.  They held the Eagles in check for most of the game - until the mid-fourth quarter, but it's hard to place a lot of that on them.
  • Andrew Luck was bad for much of the game, but when they needed him, he stepped up.  He had a huge drive to go ahead in the fourth quarter, and then he threw three red zone touchdowns tonight.  That makes it even more utterly baffling why Pep Hamilton ran the ball twice on that final drive.
  • Mike Adams made some nice plays tonight.
  • Erik Walden had a very good game.
Ok, I'll have more later after I digest this, but the Colts just blew it.  And the coaches and officials were the ones who really are responsible.  Final score: Colts 27, Eagles 30.