Deep breaths, people.

Inhale through the nose.....and exhale through the mouth.

Guys, I know it stings. I am still getting over my post-loss hangover (to say nothing of my post-alcohol hangover.) It's tough to lose two heartbreaker's in a row, especially in the opening weeks. And as if an 0-2 record wasn't bad enough, we've had injury after injury after suspension after injury, horrendous missed calls, coaching mistakes, subpar play by our best guys, and now we're at the bottom of the division. It's enough to create gloom and anger in even the most optimistic communities, and StampedeBlue isn't exactly known for its sunny outlook on life.

That said, y'all need to chill.

We all wanted to win both of these games, and a few of you even thought we would for some crazy reason, but the fact is that the Broncos are a much better team than we are and the Eagles match up with the Colts in some of the worst ways possible. Playing those teams back to back was like drinking a cocktail of mercury and motor oil, but we at least played well enough to give us a chance to win both games. Those are two of the best offenses in the league and they outscored us by a total of ten points. Say what you want about the offense's struggles, but we are currently seventh in the league in points per game, seventh in passing yards per game, and eighth in total yards per game. The offense has been productive, particularly the o-line (which you should all be super excited about), and I'm 100% certain that Luck will improve in the coming weeks. In case you haven't noticed, he isn't the only good quarterback struggling right now. Foles was awful last night and just as bad against Jacksonville. Kaepernick threw three interceptions on Sunday. Peyton, despite his numbers, has struggled against mediocre defenses and doesn't look like the guy we saw in 2013. Matt Ryan had a great outing against the Saints but shit the bed with a three INT performance against Cincy. Brees has thrown three touchdowns and two picks this year and is 0-2 against Cleveland and Atlanta. All of those guys have great receivers and most have better teams than Luck. Yes, our passing game has been a problem, but is has not been a unique problem. Luck doesn't seem to have much confidence in his receivers for whatever reason and his accuracy has been erratic, but he's still completed 63% of his passes, accounted for six scores against three turnovers (two if you don't want to count the DPI pick last night, which is understandable) and 580 total yards in two games against playoff teams. He's made some bad throws, and he's made some great ones. He hasn't been what we're used to seeing, but he hasn't been downright awful either. He will get better. Relax.

We just went through the most punishing two week stretch of any team in the league thus far (with the possible exception of the 1-1 Seahawks) and we stayed competitive throughout. The Colts are still a good team, the AFC South is still terrible, and there are still plenty of reasons to be excited about this season. This Sunday we'll take out our angst on Jacksonville like an emo teenager strangling the neighbor's cat.

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