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Best and Worst Colts Fantasy Football Options in Week Four

Looking at the value for Colts players in FanDuel's Fantasy Football this week.

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Scott Cunningham

Every week, we're partnering with FanDuel to look at which Colts have the best and the worst value for this week's games. FanDuels a weekly fantasy football site in which you're the general manager.  You have a salary cap of $60,000 and you have to try and assemble the best team possible under the cap.

In one of my fantasy football leagues, I signed Eli Manning hours before last night's game to start since Peyton Manning (my normal starter) is on his bye week.  As such, Eli racked up over 40 fantasy points, making me look like a fantasy genius (when in actuality it was a lucky guess).  But let's see if I can keep my smart lucky streak going and give you good advice on the Colts players this week, particularly in FanDuel's weekly contest.  With the Colts taking on the Titans this week at home, let's look at where some of the Colts' key players are ranked this week.


Andrew Luck, 1st overall QB, $9,800 value

For the first time this season, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is the highest valued quarterback in FanDuel's fantasy football this week, and he's also the highest valued player of anybody this week.  Sure, you could say that it's because Peyton Manning is on a bye week, but also, the truth is that through the first three weeks of the season Luck has been the highest scoring quarterback in fantasy football.  This week against the Titans, he's FanDuel's number one option.

Running Back:

Ahmad Bradshaw, 30th overall RB, $6,100 value

Trent Richardson, 31st overall RB, $6,000 value

For the first time this season, Ahmad Bradshaw is ranked as a better fantasy option than Trent Richardson on FanDuel, if only by one spot.  And I think that's accurate.  Both will likely get similar production, but Bradshaw brings a much higher upside (like touchdowns, breakout games/plays, etc.).  I think that Bradshaw is the best fantasy option for the Colts' running backs, and FanDuel agrees.

Wide Receiver:

Reggie Wayne, 13th overall WR, $6,900 value

T.Y. Hilton, 20th overall WR, $6,600 value

Hakeem Nicks, 35th overall WR, $5,800 value

The Colts have several good wide receiver options, but that also presents with it the question of which one to play in any given week.  Reggie Wayne is the safest choice and that's why he's 13th overall in FanDuel.  T.Y. Hilton brings the most upside and can have a huge week pretty much any week, though we've yet to really see that so far this year.  Hakeem Nicks hasn't really sent the playing time necessary to become a reliable fantasy starter, but he also has the ability to put up points - as long as he gets the opportunities.  If you want a Colt receiver, though, I'd stick with either Reggie or Hilton.

Tight End:

Coby Fleener, 10th overall TE, $5,500 value

Dwayne Allen, 12th overall TE, $5,300 value

For as much grief as Coby Fleener gets from Colts fans for his drops, he still does manage to catch quite a few passes as well and he is a good target for quarterback Andrew Luck.  Fleener figures to factor into the passing game quite prominently most weeks, and that makes him an intriguing fantasy option despite some inconsistencies at times.  Dwayne Allen isn't far behind him on FanDuel, and he's the better overall tight end.  Fantasy football doesn't give you points for blocking or for being good all around, however - only for the receiving game.  Allen certainly can have big games in the receiving area, but considering the Colts also have Fleener he seems to factor into the passing game slightly more than Allen and as such might be a slightly better fantasy football option.


Adam Vinatieri, 3rd overall K, $5,300

Adam Vinatieri has yet to miss a kick this year, going 6-for-6 on field goals and 11-for-11 on extra points.  He has hit all three of his tries from beyond 40 yards, and his great start to the season is reflected in FanDuel's rankings this week, as Vinatieri is ranked as the third overall kicker.  Given not only the Colts top-five offense but also their struggles in the red zone early this season, Vinatieri seems like a great fantasy football option.


Colts Defense, 3rd overall defense, $5,400 value

Remember how last week I said that 10th overall was the highest you'd see the Colts defense ranked all season?  While looking back on it that ranking does seem low considering they were playing the Jaguars, I was wrong - this week, they're ranked as the third best defensive option in FanDuel.  Keep in mind that this is a result of bye weeks starting, but also the Colts are facing a Titans team that will likely be quarterbacked by Charlie Whitehurst and who even with Jake Locker at quarterback was having offensive struggles.

Editor's Note: SB Nation's partner FanDuel is hosting a $350,000 Fantasy Football Contest for Week 4's NFL games. It's only $10 to join and first place wins $30,000. Starts Sunday, September 28th at 1pm ET. Here's the link.