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2014 NFL Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 4

The Winning Stats Predictor is now over 60% Against the Spread over the first three weeks of the season. Can we keep the train rolling and keep rolling in the dough?

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Even with the inauspicious start to Week 3 last week, the Winning Stats Predictor had one of the best week's it's ever had. Picking Against the Spread the Predictor went 12-4, a record that is really good picking straight up and rarely happens with ATS, but it just seemed to get every one of them on the money. Two of the losses were by a combined 1.5 points as well, so it easily could have been a 14-2 week, with the two bad losses by the Buccaneers and the Panthers. Picking Straight Up it had an identical 12-4 record, rebounding from a 8-8 Week 2.

Overall Season Records: ATS 29-19 (60.4%), SU 31-17 (61.5%)

Week 4 started off a lot like Week 3 did last week with a blowout loss on Thursday night. We'll see how it rebounds on Sunday/Monday. Here's your Week 4 picks:

Home Score Away Score Probability
Redskins 23 Giants 19 62.2%
Bears 28 Packers 26 56.7%
Colts 27 Titans 22 62.5%
Ravens 23 Panthers 24 53.7%
Steelers 28 Buccaneers 21 67.8%
Raiders 19 Dolphins 24 62.6%
Texans 18 Bills 22 62.1%
Jets 19 Lions 21 55.5%
Chargers 33 Jaguars 19 83.0%
Vikings 22 Falcons 28 65.7%
49ers 29 Eagles 23 64.0%
Cowboys 28 Saints 29 52.9%
Chiefs 23 Patriots 24 53.7%

The SuperContest picks went a perfect 5-0 last week, which may also be a first (I think I've done it one other time, but it's pretty rare), bringing our season record up to 12-3. It would place us in 14th in the real contest. Week 4 picks:

  • Dolphins -4 vs. Raiders
  • Bills +3 at Texans
  • Panthers +3.5 at Ravens
  • Cowboys +3 vs. Saints
  • Chiefs +3.5 vs. Patriots

Survivor Pick: Colts were an easy winner last week over Jacksonville, and I know the Chargers are a very popular pick this week over the same Jacksonville team (almost 64% on Yahoo!), but we're going to go with the Steelers at home against Tampa Bay. I don't think the Bucs will get blown out again, but I think Pittsburgh will take care of business at home.

USED: Jets, 49ers, Colts