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Ranking the Top Colts Fantasy Options for Week 4

Looking at the fantasy football prospects from the Colts in week four.

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This post comes from Justin Becker of You can follow him on Twitter @NBAandNFLInfo or on the Fantasy Football Overdose Google+ Page, and for more NFL Fantasy Football Rankings visit Fantasy Football Overdose.

The Indianapolis Colts got by with merely decent production through the first two weeks of the 2014 NFL season. In week three they finally exploded. Both in the real and fantasy football worlds, Andrew Luck and co. finally lived up to their potential and breathed true life into all of the preseason hype.

Then again, their first win of the season did come against the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars. But the Colts and their suddenly stoked fantasy owners need to take what they can at the moment. They walked into last week’s battle without a win, and the fashion in which they went in and got the job done on the road was quite impressive.

If nothing else, last week’s showing at least put Indy’s potential on full display, as this can clearly be a very balanced and borderline unstoppable offense when everything is clicking. Indianapolis won’t have the luxury of facing the Jags every week and especially not this week, but the writing is on the wall that the Colts should be a factor in fantasy football this year.

Heading into Week 4, there is once again plenty of reason for fantasy football owners to feel good about using Colts weapons. To see who are the best options in Indy this week, let’s rank the Colts’ top fantasy options for when they take on the Tennessee Titans:

Andrew Luck (QB)

Luck takes the cake for all Indy fantasy options, but it’s basically by default. Quarterbacks score the most points in fantasy football and he’s coming off a mammoth-sized week. Unfortunately, this week he takes on the #2 pass defense in the entire league. He’s at home and has a ton of weapons, though, so he should be okay.

Ahmad Bradshaw (RB)

Bradshaw has emerged as the most reliable option in Indy’s offensive backfield, as he continues to be used more than Trent Richardson on passing downs and in goal-line situations. T-Rich is still going to get touches and might even get more carries, but Bradshaw has been more productive and is much more likely to score. That’s awesome news, considering he’s going up against an awful Titans run defense at home this week.

T.Y. Hilton (WR)

The matchup isn’t amazing and Hilton even has a sore ankle, but the guy is flat-out due. With at least five catches in every game and no touchdowns yet, he could finally bust out this week.

Reggie Wayne (WR)

Wayne was extremely active in week one, but has just seven catches over the last two weeks. With that said, he’s a top-two receiving threat in this offense and could score his first touchdown of the year this week.

Trent Richardson (RB)

Richardson should have value as a running back, but he’s actually been very mediocre (as expected) through the first three weeks of the year. He does have a role (35 rushes the past two weeks) and this week’s matchup is golden, but he doesn’t catch many passes and may not see much time near the goal-line. He has some value, but it’s fairly capped.

Dwayne Allen (TE)

Allen is Indy’s main tight end thanks to his reliability as both a blocker and quality receiver. He has deceptive play-making ability and is also a factor in the red-zone. His biggest asset is his sheer availability, though, as he’ll be on the field more than any other Colts tight end. He will have random off weeks, but he showed in week one and week three that he can be a solid option in fantasy football. He could be in for another solid showing in week four.

Hakeem Nicks (WR)

Nicks has two touchdowns this year but is merely as flier in fantasy football. The matchup isn’t great this week, either, so you should only take a chance on him if you need help at a Flex or WR4 spot.

Coby Fleener (TE)

Fleener flashes fantastic ability as a receiving tight end and even scored last week, but he lacks blocking prowess and awareness. Dwayne Allen is the main tight end in Indy, too, so it’s tough to trust Fleener on a weekly basis. He could be worth a flier this week if you’re desperate for a TE2 thanks to byes, but he isn’t likely to suddenly go off.