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The Monday After Awards: Titans vs. Colts

Another Sunday, and another blowout win for the Colts. The team played well, but who will bring home the coveted Monday After Awards?

Andy Lyons

Another Sunday, and another blowout win for the Colts. The team played well, but who will bring home the coveted Monday After Awards?

Two Sundays in a row I've worn my Pat McAfee jersey. Two Sundays in a row the Indianapolis Colts have won. Coincidence? Probably. The fact that the Colts played the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tennessee Titans probably had slightly more to do with those wins.

It was another decisive victory for the Colts on Sunday, so you know there will be some awards to hand out. Without further ado, the awards from the Colts and Titans game.

MVP(s) - The Play-callers

The play-calling was superb on Sunday. After a disappointing first drive, the Colts took it to the Titans. We saw Andrew Luck stretch the field more than we have in the first three weeks, and it worked. The Colts were throwing with ease, and Pep Hamilton kept on with the air attack.

But really, the highlight of the game was the onside kick. I don't know if that came from Chuck Pagano, Special Teams Coordinator Tom McMahon, or if McAfee has the green light to onside kick it if he sees a certain formation. Regardless, it was a fantastic play-call, and one I've been waiting to see the Colts do since a certain game in Miami.

I don't want to forget, though, the very next play. Right after the onside kick, Hamilton called for a reverse to T.Y. Hilton. Sure it only gained about six yards, but that's not the point. I know it's been three years now, but I'm still used to the Colts who would never run these type of plays. It's refreshing (when it works), and it gives teams something else to think about when the Colts have the ball.

Good Hands Award/Offensive MVP - Reggie Wayne

Was there any doubt? On the first scoring drive I thought Hilton would get this award after a fantastic sideline grab to set up a Trent Richardson touchdown run (yes, that did actually happen!).

Then Reggie Wayne happened.

Seven catches for 119 yards and a score. Anyone who thought Reggie wouldn't be the same receiver coming off of ACL surgery (I admit I'm in that crowd) was proven wrong in a big way today. Wayne made both the normal and spectacular catches on Sunday. I could keep gushing about Wayne, but there are a few more awards.

Defensive MVP - Cory Redding

Mike Adams is a close honorable mention here, but really he was a product of right place, right time. Except on that pass deflection in the end-zone.

Redding was dominant, though. While he is no Robert Mathis, he was able provide some pressure up front. While Charlie Whitehurst had some time to throw, it was not all-day like Peyton Manning and Nick Foles had. The Colts put some pressure on, and a lot of it was Redding.

One play, and it's the obvious one, I want to highlight was Redding's sack. It's so rare that you see a play when a defensive linemen pulls around work. It's even rarer to see it work that well. Redding as unblocked pulling all the way around the defensive line for an easy sack. Perfect play.

The Boomstick Award - Pat McAfee

I really just wanted to give some love to the best punter in the NFL. McAfee had another spectacular game this Sunday. He punted four times, and put three inside the 20. That included a gem of a 60 yard punt late in the game.

On this TV show on Saturday, McAfee said he is overpaid. Nope.

Butterfingers Award - Titans receivers

Kendall Wright tripped, fell, and fumbled all on his own accord. Oops. That was the play that opened the floodgates for the Colts.

However, I want to recognize Justin Hunter as well. You may remember him as the receiver who dropped/deflected Whitehurst's pass which was picked by Adams. Granted, it was a tough catch to make, but I think Hunter needed to make the play.

These were both huge turnovers in the game, which allowed the Colts to own the time of possession. I know Indy would have won anyway (probably) but Wright and Hunter certainly helped early in the game.

LVP - Running backs

First of all, I should recognize that the Colts did, in fact, rush for over 100 yards as a team. However, the leading rusher for the Colts was Richardson, who tallied 47 yards on 20 carries. Of course, that 2.7 YPC is about average for him.

The next leading rusher? Charlie Whitehurst. Yes, the QB who hadn't played in a game in about three years was the game's second leading rusher. He did lead the Titans in rushing as well. In case you were wondering, he had 40 yards on five carries, including an embarrassing (for the defense) 23 yard run.

A disappointing day for the running backs, especially because I don't think the Colts and Titans have that good of a run defense.

Honorable Mention LVP - The Announcers

I have one reason for this. At one point Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon were incredibly confused over who called a timeout. Of course, this prompted Harlan (I believe) to say that the refs threw the "timeout flag." What?

Those are all my awards for this week. Who do you think deserved an award, or maybe didn't deserve an award?