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Open Thread: NFL Football Returns with Packers vs. Seahawks!

The NFL season returns tonight with a great matchup between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks! Here's your open thread.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports


Tonight, the Green Bay Packers travel to Seattle to play the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks. Not only is it good to have the NFL actually back (which is totally great enough by itself), it should be a good game too. The Packers, led by Aaron Rodgers, are one of the favorites to reach (and win) the Super Bowl and their offense should be very, very good this year (with many also picking Rodgers to win the MVP award this year). The Seahawks will again be a very good team led by their very good defense. Russell Wilson and the offense should be good too, but Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and the Seattle defense will once again be the leading unit of the team.

Tonight, they go up against each other to kick off the 2014 NFL season. Due to the fact that it's in Seattle, I'm giving the edge to Seattle, but I could see Green Bay winning as well. I'm picking Seattle for this one, but I'll just be rooting for a good game. Either way, though, NFL football is back, and it feels great.

Here's your open thread for tonight's season opener.