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Colts vs. Broncos, Second Half Open Thread!

Here's your open thread for the second half of Colts vs. Broncos.

Justin Edmonds

So, the game hasn't been a great one so far for the Colts.  The defense has looked terrible and Peyton Manning has picked them apart.

The Denver Broncos lead the Indianapolis Colts 24-7 at haltfime, but Andrew Luck led a fantastic and much, much needed drive at the end of the half to score the Colts' first points (with a nine-yard TD run).

Manning has dominated so far, and Julius Thomas has three touchdowns.  The Colts haven't gotten much pass rush at all and their front seven hasn't been good.  The Colts' offensive line has been terrible as well.  And then the coaching?  Well, that's been terrible as well.

For the second half, the Broncos get the ball first.  The Colts need a stop badly.  They MUST find a way to get pressure on Peyton.  For the offense, they need to go with the no-huddle like they did to end the first half.  They need to give Luck a chance.

The positive from this game?  Reggie Wayne looks great.  He already has 4 catches for 59 yards.

Here's your open thread for the second half - hopefully a better half than the first.