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Adam Vinatieri on Indianapolis: "This is Home"

Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri, who spent a number of years with both the Patriots and the Colts, said today on the radio with Jon Michael Vincent on 1070 the Fan that it almost feels like two different careers but said of Indianapolis that "this is home" and that his kids know him as a Colt.

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Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri will play in his 30th career postseason game on Sunday, breaking a tie with Jerry Rice for the most games ever played in the postseason by a single player in NFL history.  He will do it by facing his former team, the New England Patriots, in the AFC Championship game.  That's fitting, and it also led to Jon Michael Vincent (JMV) of 1070 the Fan asking Vinatieri during a radio interview today whether the kicker wants to be remembered as a Patriot or as a Colt.

"I've been ten years there and nine years now here," Vinatieri said this afternoon.  "It almost feels like two complete, full careers - and in a sense it really has been, you know, when you think of the league average at a little over three years and this being my nineteenth season now, it almost feels like I've had two separate lifetimes, different careers.

"I definitely respect all the stuff that we accomplished in New England when I was there, but this is home for me.  My kids never knew me as a New England Patriot, they only know me as a Colt with the horseshoe on my helmet.  So we're going to stay and raise our kids here and as far as I'm concerned, this is home."

Adam Vinatieri and his wife, Valerie, life in Indianapolis with their sons, A.J. and Gabriel, and their daughter Allison, and as Vinatieri said this afternoon, they know him as a Colt.  It was the perfect answer to the question in an attempt to not upset either sides, but it's pretty clear that he wants to be remembered as a Colt and he will make Indianapolis his home even after his NFL career.

If he returns to play with the Colts next season (which it's fully assumed he will), he will play his tenth year with the Colts after spending ten years with the Patriots.  Vinatieri also talked with JMV about retirement, and he didn't sound like a guy who is going to retire soon.

"I've always said that as long as I'm still loving it, which I do, and as long as I can still do it - if I can do it at a high enough level - there's nothing I'd rather be doing," Vinatieri said.  "I think i would miss it a lot the day that I'm watching it from the couch or something like that.  I love it.  I haven't set a definite time yet, I haven't set 'next year's going to be my last year.'  I'm going to take it one day at a time, and if I'm feeling healthy and can continue to kick well, we'll see how far I can go."

For a guy who made 30 of 31 field goals this season for the Colts, there's not much reason for him to hang it up and he doesn't sound like a guy who's ready to.  But whenever he does decide to retire, it sounds like him and his family will be staying in Indy - which Vinatieri called "home."