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Colts Request to Place Josh McNary on Commissioner's Exemption List

The Indianapolis Colts have placed a request to the NFL to immediately place linebacker Josh McNary on the Commissioner's Exemption List.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

In light of the formal charges of rape filed against linebacker Josh McNary yesterday, the Indianapolis Colts announced this morning that they have put in a request to the NFL to immediately place McNary on the commissioner's exemption list.

The list, which is what other notable players such as Adrian Peterson were placed on earlier this season, means that a player cannot participate in practice or in games for the team while on the list.  Only the commissioner, Roger Goodell, has the authority to place a player on the list or remover a player from the list, and it provides the opportunity for the full investigation of the incident to be figured out.

Here is the full statement the Colts put out this morning:

After reviewing the documents supporting the very serious criminal charges filed yesterday afternoon against Josh McNary, the Colts have requested Commissioner Goodell to immediately place Josh on the League's Commissioner Exemption list. If the request is granted, Josh will not be eligible to practice or attend games with the Club while designated as Commissioner Exempt. That designation will permit the investigation provided by the League's Personal Conduct Policy to run its course and will afford Josh the opportunity to focus on his defense against the charges. The Colts sincerely hope this extraordinarily serious matter will be resolved expeditiously and that justice will prevail.

We will continue to follow this story, so stay tuned for updates.