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Report: Trent Richardson Missed Morning Walkthrough for Colts

According to a report from WTHR's Bob Kravitz, Colts running back Trent Richardson missed the team's morning walkthrough, which is the reason he didn't travel.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday afternoon the Indianapolis Colts announced that running back Trent Richardson didn't travel with the team to New England due to "personal reasons," thus meaning he would not play in Sunday's AFC Championship game.  We didn't know what those personal reasons were, but tonight a report from WTHR's Bob Kravitz might tell us what it was:

So, according to Kravitz's report, the reason Richardson didn't travel with the team on Saturday was because he missed the morning walkthrough.  And if that is indeed the case, then it becomes even harder to see a situation in which Richardson is with the Colts next season.  It already seemed unlikely that he would be with the team in to start the 2015 season, but him missing a walkthrough the morning before the AFC Championship game and therefore not playing the following day is just another reason for the Colts to be frustrated.

In 32 games with the Colts (including playoffs), Richardson has rushed for 978 yards and six touchdowns, averaging just 3.06 yards per carry.  He played just one snap against the Bengals and then was a healthy inactive against the Broncos, and according to Kravitz, Richardson was going to be inactive once again on Sunday against the Patriots (along with offensive lineman Xavier Nixonwho missed the team's flight on Saturday.

[UPDATE:] Richardson told ESPN's Mike Wells that the reason he missed the walkthrough is because he is dealing with a "very serious family emergency."