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Trent Richardson is Out due to a "Very Serious Family Emergency"

Colts running back Trent Richardson told ESPN's Mike Wells this morning that he is dealing with a "very serious family emergency," which is the reason why he missed Saturday's walkthrough and didn't travel with the team.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, we mentioned the report from WTHR's Bob Kravitz that Trent Richardson missed Saturday morning's walkthrough without letting the team know, which was the reason why he did not travel with the team and will not play on Sunday.

There's more to the situation than that, however.  While Richardson did indeed miss Saturday morning's walkthrough, he had a reason for it.  He is dealing with a "very serious family emergency," the running back told ESPN's Mike Wells this morning.

"I had to miss walk-through," Richardson told Wells. "I'm dealing with a very serious family emergency. I'm still at the hospital. I wouldn't purposely just miss walk-through."

"I wouldn't just purposely turn my back on the team.  I would have been there if I wasn't dealing with this issue."

Of course, this sheds a whole new perspective on things, and we certainly wish Richardson and his family the best and send thoughts and prayers their way as they deal with this medical issue.  We don't have all the details of what's going on, but what we do know is that he didn't just miss the walkthrough for no reason - which is what it seemed like last night based on reports.  From that standpoint, it was a good thing that Richardson told Wells what was going on so that it didn't appear he just skipped the walkthrough for no reason.

Richardson was likely going to be inactive for Sunday's game anyway after being inactive last week and playing just one snap the week before, so it's not a big loss for the Colts from the on-field standpoint, but obviously the team and Richardson would rather him have traveled, but this family medical situation prevented that from happening.  Again, keep Richardson and his family in your thoughts and prayers today as they deal with this situation.