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Greatest Game in Indianapolis Colts History: Nominations

This offseason we'll find the greatest game in Indianapolis Colts history, chosen by you tournament-style. Nominate your favorite games today!

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The NFL Offseason is long, sometimes boring, and a constant struggle to find things to talk about, especially after the draft. Because of this, I wanted to come up with a series of posts that would get us through the Offseason, generate some discussion, and have a little fun. My idea? A tournament to determine the greatest game in Indianapolis Colts history.

Now, I know your immediate thought is duh, 2006 AFC Championship game, and that might win, but in gathering the list games together, I think there are a couple others that'll give that one a run for its money. You just need to be reminded of them. There are few that had more meaning, but the Colts have played some pretty spectacular games over the past 30 years.

The schedule for this is going to be twice a week, Monday and Thursday as close to 10 am ET as I can get it. We have a nice polling feature that'll be utilized for your votes, and the winner of each match-up will continue on. In each write-up I'll have a little bit about each game (and I'll try to find something new about each one as we progress along too), the results for the previous match-up, and you'll have until 3 am ET / Midnight PT on Sunday night and Wednesday night to get votes in. It's that simple. If I counted my weeks right, the final should be right around Week 1, so perfect timing.

I'll be doing my best to "seed" the games as best as I can, but I'm hoping we see some "upsets" along the way, as it makes it more fun. Right now I have a list of 48 games, so here's where I'm asking the crowd for some more suggestions (especially pre-Manning era). I've listed the 48 games I have that will be included in chronological order below, so there's no need to suggest these. I figured any spots that are unfilled through suggestions I'll use the Winning Stats to help the rest of the way. They are only 2001-current, but it's the best I can do without cherry-picking games I may not have seen.

The first match-up will be live on Monday, so make sure you stop back and vote!

Year Opponent Notes Year Opponent Notes Year Opponent Notes
1987 Bills Away 2005 Patriots 2009 Patriots
1988 Broncos 2005 Steelers 2009 Texans Away
1996 Chiefs DIV 2005 Rams 2009 Dolphins
1997 Dolphins Home 2005 Cardinals 2009 Ravens DIV
1997 Packers 2006 Jets 2009 Jets CC
2002 Broncos 2006 Broncos 2011 Jaguars Away
2003 Buccaneers 2006 Patriots 2011 Texans Home
2003 Chiefs DIV 2006 Bengals 2012 Packers
2003 Broncos WC 2006 Chiefs WC 2012 Lions
2003 Saints 2006 Ravens DIV 2013 Chiefs WC
2003 Falcons 2006 Patriots CC 2013 Texans Away
2004 Chargers 2006 Bears SB 2013 Broncos
2004 Lions 2007 Saints 2013 49ers
2004 Broncos WC 2007 Ravens 2013 Seahawks
2004 Packers 2008 Texans Away 2014 Broncos DIV
2004 Texans Home 2008 Steelers 2014 Redskins