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2015 Pro Bowl Draft Results: Andrew Luck Picked First Overall; Seven Colts Split Up Between Two Teams

Here are the results of the 2015 Pro Bowl Draft as it pertains to the Colts' players.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has done a fantasy football style draft for the Pro Bowl for two years now.  In each year, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has been the first overall pick.  He was picked first a year ago and it was the same this year, as Luck was selected by Team Carter (led by Cris Carter) to play in the Pro Bowl this Sunday night (8:00 p.m. ET on ESPN).

"We'll take the neck beard with the arm," team captain J.J. Watt, a division rival of Luck's, said when selecting the quarterback.

Seven Colts will participate in the game overall, and they're split between the two teams - Team Carter and Team Irvin (led by Michael Irvin).  Here's how the split worked out, as you can see which Colts will be playing for each team in Sunday night's game:

Team Carter:

Andrew Luck, quarterback

T.Y. Hilton, wide receiver

Pat McAfee, punter

Team Irvin:

Vontae Davis, cornerback

Mike Adams, safety

D'Qwell Jackson, linebacker

Adam Vinatieri, kicker

So really, here's the split: the Colts offensive players are on Team Carter while the Colts defensive players are on Team Irvin, with one special teams guy on each team.

Will we get to see Vontae Davis match up against T.Y. Hilton?  Will we see Andrew Luck hook up with his favorite target?  Will the alternates, Mike Adams and D'Qwell Jackson, make their presence felt in the game?

The Pro Bowl has developed into a joke for many, but at the same time - it's the last time you'll get to watch some Colts' players on the field until late July when they open training camp.  And, just like he was in the real NFL Draft in 2012 and just like he was in last year's Pro Bowl draft, Andrew Luck is number one.  I've got a feeling it's not the last number one selection for him in the Pro Bowl draft, either.