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Trent Richardson was suspended by the Colts

Colts general manager Ryan Grigson confirmed today that running back Trent Richardson was suspended two games by the Colts for personal reasons.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

It was a very rough season for Colts' running back Trent Richardson, and it ended with him suspended.  With some reports swirling recently that Richardson had been suspended by the team entering the AFC Championship game against the Patriots, general manager Ryan Grigson was asked about it this afternoon in his end of season press conference.  And Grigson confirmed that Richardson was suspended by the team for two games for personal reasons.

"Yeah, he's suspended," Grigson said.  "He's suspended for two games.  And that is for personal reasons, so I can't go into it.  But he was suspended."

Richardson reportedly missed the team's Saturday morning walkthrough before the game against the Patriots and therefore didn't travel with the team, but he told ESPN's Mike Wells on Sunday morning that it was due to a "very serious family emergency." The only reason the team gave was that Richardson didn't travel due to "personal reasons."  And that's the same reason that Grigson gave today, though he did confirm that Richardson was suspended.

Grigson also was noncommittal about whether Richardson would be back with the Colts next season.  "The thing is, every situation is different," Grigson said when asked about it.  "Every player, and how we deal with him, is going to be different.  But he'll be lumped into that conversation with guys this offseason.  Where does he fit?  Where is he going?  Is his arrow up? Down? Sideways? 45-degree angle? We've got to figure all of these things out."

It wasn't the strongest of endorsements for Richardson, especially when Grigson confirmed that the team suspended him before the biggest game of the season.  And it's just another piece of information that points to the likelihood that Richardson won't be playing with the Colts next season.