A surprisingly good Luck interview.

Watching Andrew Luck on the gridiron is always enthralling, but watching him behind a microphone is almost soporific. Though his responses to the media's questions are polite and eloquent, they are rarely candid and often painfully generic. It may be true that he has to "execute better" or "make fewer mistakes," but it is not very insightful.

Andrew's latest interview with IndyStar bucks this trend, and because of that it may be the best piece I've ever read on him (replacing my previous favorite by Rick Reilly, which you can read here), and I've been following his career for the better part of a decade now. Maybe it was the casual restaurant setting, or maybe it was the hot Arizona sun, but Luck gave some specific, insightful answers about what it's like to go to the pro-bowl, how on-field communication works (or doesn't work) with Pep Hamilton, and his growth as a player in year-three. He also talks about his worst interception of the year. Can you correctly guess which one it was? I did.

Anyways, enjoy:

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