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Colts deny that they are already working on contract for Andrew Luck

Though ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the Colts were already working on a new contract for quarterback Andrew Luck, the team's owner and CEO Jim Irsay, general manager Ryan Grigson, and Luck himself have denied that it's already in the works.

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Last Sunday, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the Colts were already working on the parameters of a deal for quarterback Andrew Luck.  According to Schefter, the deal is likely to be in the range of $24-25 million per year.  Earlier in the week, on the Dan Dakich show on 1070 the Fan, Schefter maintained that a deal will get done at some point this offseason.  But so far, the Colts aren't even acknowledging it and rather are maintaining that the deal is not currently in the works.

"I'm not going to discuss Andrew's contract," owner and CEO Jim Irsay said last Sunday, per ESPN's Mike Wells. "That's not something that is really at the top of my mind. He just finished his third year. It's a five-year deal, so, again, that's not in my thought process right now."

General manager Ryan Grigson echoed Irsay's statements when he met with the media on Friday.  "It's news to us," Grigson said of the report that the Colts are currently working on a deal for the quarterback. "So, no. That's not our focus as of right now. There will obviously be a time and place to have those discussions. Obviously we want Andrew here for a long, long time and we'll take those steps. But right now, that's not priority number one."

Lastly, quarterback Andrew Luck said similar things when he spoke with the Indianapolis Star's Stephen Holder for a recent interview.  "There's nothing there right now," Luck said of the report that a deal is in the works. "I haven't thought about it. I will have conversations with my agent just because you have to prepare, but I'm not sure where that report came from."

The Colts, whether it's Irsay, Grigson, or Luck, are all denying that a deal is currently being worked on, but it's also pretty clear that Luck will be a Colt for a long time.  There's zero doubt about that.  The question is simply whether the deal to extend him long-term is already being formulated or not, and we don't really know - but we do know that the Colts are denying it.  Really, though, it doesn't matter when the deal gets done.  Luck still has a fourth year on his rookie contract and then a fifth-year option, so the Colts have time.  Ideally, they should get him under contract this offseason, but it's not a huge priority because of the time the Colts still have to work something out.  The long-term deal will come, and it's very possible that it will happen this offseason, but regardless, it's certain that Andrew Luck will be around for a while.  It's just a matter of when they will make it official with a new contract.