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Report: Wide Receiver Duron Carter can Sign with an NFL Team Earlier than Expected

According to the Indianapolis Star's Stephen Holder, the Montreal Alouettes have an agreement in place with wide receiver Duron Carter to release him upon an agreement with an NFL team, which would allow him to actually sign earlier than expected.

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On Sunday, the Indianapolis Star's Stephen Holder reported that the Colts were the frontrunners to land the much sought after Canadian Football League wide receiver Duron Carter.  CFL players cannot sign with NFL teams until February 10, but according to a report from Holder this afternoon, Carter will be able to sign earlier than that:

Carter - son of Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter - will be released from his CFL contract if he agrees to terms with an NFL team, according to an agreement between Carter and Alouettes general manager Jim Popp, a source said. That means the Colts - seen as the frontrunner to land Carter - could strike a deal and sign him without having to wait until Feb. 10, when the NFL allows CFL players with expired contracts to sign deals. Releasing him from his CFL deal would make Carter a free agent.

This is basically just a courteous move by the Alouettes and GM Jim Popp, as they would allow him to officially sign somewhere before Feburary 10.  This really won't have much of an impact, as signing now or Feburary 10 or anywhere in between would put Carter on the team at roughly the same period of the offseason, but it's a nice move by the Alouettes to make and would allow the official signing to possibly happen sooner than originally thought.  What this report means is that, if true, Carter could sign with an NFL team at any point now once an agreement is reached, whereas before he would have had to wait until February 10.

Carter is a highly sought-after CFL wide receiver and the son of NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter.  There have been reports of as many as 15 teams interested in him, but it seems like the Colts and Vikings are the two finalists at this point.  He had some off-the-field issues that derailed his college career, but in the past two seasons in the CFL he has developed into a good wide receiver.  He possesses good size and a ton of talent, but he's a raw player who does need work.  It's important to temper expectations about him, but he could be a good add by the Colts to their passing offense, and it would be a good move for him as well to sign with a Colts team that could help him develop and that has Andrew Luck at quarterback.

The Colts are very much in the running to sign Duron Carter, and according to the Indianapolis Star's Stephen Holder, if a deal is reached before February 10 the Alouettes will release him from his contract to allow the receiver to sign with an NFL team immediately.

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