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Critique The Winning Stats Series: Improvements for 2015

The Winning Stats series needs some improving for 2015, so I'm looking for some suggestions from you, the readers, on how to make it better for everyone going forward.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It seems hard to believe, but I've been chronicling each Colts game with the Winning Stats for five full seasons now (you can see the first article here and how we've grown since early 2009), and I've gotten pretty good at acquiring data and finding some nuggets of data to share in an article. I don't mind that it takes a little extra time to write it up, as I enjoy having the data in one place, and being able to convert (relatively slowly) people over to the statistical side of football.

Through some of the comments this season, and looking at how many people read my articles, I think I'm missing what you, my audience, is looking for. A bunch of tables full of numbers is certainly overwhelming if it looks like a foreign language, so I understand that aspect of the Winning Stats articles. But I want to serve you better, and spend my time more efficiently, so I'm looking for any and all critiques, suggestions, ideas, etc. that might help give you better and more interesting articles going over the stats from each Colts game.

During the Offseason I'm planning to take some time to revisit each stat and show a 30,000 view of each one from 2008 until now, which I hope will help some. It'll also show how each one has changed since my initial data from six years ago, and how the Colts/NFL have changed since then.

I appreciate your candid feedback on this, as I think I'm talking past a good portion of the readers here, and that's not my intention at all. Just doesn't make sense to keep doing what I'm doing when I think it can be a whole lot better.