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Sounds Like WR Duron Carter will Visit the Colts Today

According to his father, NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter, former CFL receiver Duron Carter will visit the Indianapolis Colts today, Tuesday January 6.

Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

A lot of Colts fans have been closely following along with the news about former Canadian Football League wide receiver Duron Carter, who is highly sought after by a number of NFL teams.  The Colts have been associated with a number reports of being interested in Carter, and there are reports of Carter likewise being interested in playing for the Colts.  He cannot actually sign until February (after the NFL season ends), but he can work out for teams and he's currently working his way through a number of visits.

According to his father, NFL Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter, Duron is meeting with the Indianapolis Colts today:

Carter is a very intriguing prospect, as he is young, possesses good size, and is and very talented.  He encountered some off-field issues in college and ended up in the CFL, but he's looking to make the jump to the National Football League this year.  In the CFL, Carter put together two good seasons.  In 2013 he caught 49 passes for 909 yards and 5 touchdowns, while in 2014 he caught 75 passes for 1,030 yards and 7 scores.  A young, talented receiver would be a nice addition to a Colts' roster that has T.Y. Hilton and Donte Moncrief (and maybe Reggie Wayne) next season, and for a receiver Indy would look like a very good place to play with Andrew Luck at quarterback.

There are still more visits planned for Carter and he can't officially sign anywhere until February, but it seems that he's visiting the Colts today (on their off day, which is when they typically work people out).

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