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Keep Playing Fantasy Football with FanDuel, get 100% Deposit Bonus

Your fantasy football season doesn't have to be over, as SB Nation is hosting a FanDuel league for this weekend's Divisional Round playoff games. It's only $5 to join, and there will be $1,000 in total prizes handed out. And click here to get a 100% deposit bonus on FanDuel.

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Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Your regular fantasy football seasons are over, but that doesn't mean your experience playing fantasy football has to be done until September.  This weekend, SB Nation is hosting a FanDuel league for the Divisional Round playoff games.  It's only $5 to enter, and there will be $1,000 in total prizes handed out.  There are only 220 available spots in the league, however, so don't delay in joining.

FanDuel is a daily (or weekly, for the NFL) fantasy football league that allows you to pick your best matchup from the available games that weekend.  You have a salary cap of $60,000 and it's your job to assemble the highest-scoring team.  For this week's Divisional Round games, there are eight teams playing, and the Colts are one of them, so let's take a look at where several Colts players are valued in FanDuel's game this week:


Andrew Luck, # 2 overall quarterback, $9,600 value

Running Back:

Boom Herron, # 7 overall running back, $6,100

Zurlon Tipton, # 12 overall running back, $4,900

Trent Richardson, # 22 overall running back, $4,500 value

Wide Receiver:

T.Y. Hilton, # 6 overall wide receiver, $8,400 value

Donte Moncrief, # 14 overall wide receiver, $5,500

Hakeem Nicks, # 15 overall wide receiver, $ 5,400

Reggie Wayne, # 17 overall wide receiver, $5,300

Tight End:

Coby Fleener, # 5 overall tight end, $5,400

Dwayne Allen, # 7 overall tight end, $5,000


Adam Vinatieri, # 2 overall kicker, $4,700


Colts defense, # 7 overall defense, $4,500

Again, head here to play in SB Nation's FanDuel league this weekend!

Editor's Note: FanDuel is hosting a $1,000 fantasy football league for SBNation for the Wildcard round. It's $5 to join and first place wins $100. League starts Saturday 4:30 PM ET. Here's the link.