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Safeties Mike Adams, Clayton Geathers both day to day for Colts

Two safeties left the game for the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night with injuries in Mike Adams and Clayton Geathers, but head coach Chuck Pagano said today that they are both day to day.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts defense has had their struggles this season, making it even more important to stay healthy.  We've seen what happens when a position is hit hard by injuries with the team's cornerback spot earlier this year, and on a team that doesn't always have great starters (much less depth), it's important to stay relatively healthy.

That's what the Colts did on Sunday, as they escaped the game pretty healthy overall.  Two notable players left the game with injuries, but head coach Chuck Pagano said today that both safety Mike Adams and safety Clayton Geathers are day to day.

Adams was the AFC Defensive Player of the Week last week and this week had a pick-six on Tom Brady, so he's had some great success recently and has continued to be a turnover machine since coming to the Colts.  Adams suffered a hamstring injury that kept him out for the remainder of the game, but he's now day to day.  Geathers was the Colts' fourth round draft pick this year and is a versatile player who can and has played safety and linebacker for the team, and Pagano said that he underwent an MRI on his knee but that the results were negative and that he is day to day as well.

Entering the game, a lot of Colts fans simply wanted the team to stay healthy when playing the Patriots, and while the Colts lost 34-27, they did just that and seem to have escaped without any significant injuries.  Of course, there are always times where we find out about something on Wednesday once players get back in for a normal practice, but as of right now, the two injuries of note are to two safeties, but they're both day to day.  With the Colts, that designation doesn't mean a ton other than that he won't miss significant time.  It doesn't mean that the player will play the following week by any means, but it simply means that it's not considered a serious injury and that the player come return at any time.  Hopefully, that's sooner rather than later for the Colts, as they need Mike Adams out there as their starter and Clayton Geathers as depth at the safety position.